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Forums - Website Topics - Official VGChartz Supporters Thread - New Perks Added

Hey everyone,

As some of you will already be aware, Trucks and I have been working on a new project for the site that we're calling the Supporter system and I'm stoked to finally officially announce that it has gone live.

You can find the Supporter page here (alternatively you can get to it by hovering over the 'Forum' tab at the top of the main page on VGC) and it should explain everything you need to know about it, but if you have any additional question feel free to post them in this thread and Trucks or myself will answer them for you. The basic idea behind it is to allow users to sign up for bonus site perks and in the process donate funds to the volunteers that keep the site going.

Additionally, as we mention on the Supporter page itself, we aim to add new perks over time, so if you have some suggestions for perks you'd like to see added in the future this is a good place to make them.

I've wanted to do something like this on VGC for years but either never had permission or the means to do it, but both have now come together and I've been able to make it happen with the help of Trucks, who developed all of the perks.

As we make clear in the FAQs there are some key things about this that we want to emphasise:

- This is all new content; we've not hidden existing stuff behind a paywall or anything like that. Trucks has been able to add these things thanks to the existence of the Supporter program. 

- Brett has agreed not to take a cut of the proceedings. After taxes/fees all of the money donated via the Supporter program will be split between three key groups of volunteers - the web development team (Trucks), the sales team (myself and Will), and the writing team, and will be used to continue to produce more content for the site, make bug fixes and general improvements, and add new features over time - some of which will be exclusive to Supporters, others will be available to everyone.

Finally, thank you on behalf of myself, Trucks, Will, and the rest of the writing team to each and every one of you who decides to sign up to the Supporters program. We appreciate the support.

I'd also like to thank Trucks for making my pet project finally happen :P

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Stealing this post to compile a list of suggested perks. If you have a suggestion for a perk you'd like to see and it's not on one of the lists below then post it in this thread and I'll add it in.

Newest Suggestions:
- Some improvements/updates to the game collection feature (all users).
- A site redesign, with particular emphasis on overhauling the front page and making a mobile-friendly site (all users).
- VGChartz Buddy accessible on mobile (all users).
- Ability to change username (all users - one time for everyone).
- Ability to sticky threads on VGChartz buddy (perk for all supporter tiers).
- Forum Hot Topic preferences to carry over to front page (all users).
- Prediction League (all users, but with some additional functionality/perks for Supporters?)
- VGChartz IM chat (all users)
- Return of photo albums to profiles (all users, but with added perks for Supporters, e.g. extra albums)
- GIF avatars (perk for all support tiers).
- Add ability in settings to increase threads per page (perk for all tiers - higher tiers' max being higher).
- Add ability in settings to increase number of users shown on the Browse Members section per page (perk for all tiers).
- Ability to store avatars (perk for all tiers).
- Ability to post videos on walls (all users).
- Ability to change e-mail address (all users).
- Ability to filter article comments by date as well as popularity (all users).

Rejected/Currently Unworkable:
- Ban immunity.


Items done:

- Ability to hide posts by certain users (perk for all supporter tiers).
- Forum badges for Bronze, Silver, and Gold subscribers (perk for all supporter tiers - higher tiers also get the Bronze/Silver badges)

General Fixes done:

- Xbox Live profile handles now functions.
- Send message shortcut works again.
- Post and quote bugs fixed.

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Good to see this live. Nice work Machina and Trucks!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Nice seeing this up. I hope the program is successful!


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Word, anyways gotta get to work xD

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iceland said:
Word, anyways gotta get to work xD

Gz on being the first person (not including myself or Trucks, since we had obvious head-starts) to sign up :)

iceland said:
Word, anyways gotta get to work xD

Thanks! You're officially the first supporter of VGC!

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Cool. Good to see that users can now support those who make the site livable. So, are those of us who don't pay going to keep getting porn from ads?

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You should add a platinum tier that grants ban immunity for $30 a month.

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HylianYoshi said:
Cool. Good to see that users can now support those who make the site livable. So, are those of us who don't pay going to keep getting porn from ads?

Unfortunately that's not something Trucks or I have any control or input over.

However, I have e-mailed Brett regarding the recent ad complaints, especially the porn stuff some have been getting, so will see if he's willing to put a stop to it.