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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Has Monolith surpassed Retro Studio as new Nintendo elite studio?


Wich one?

I prefer Monolith 226 51.83%
I prefer Retro Studio 210 48.17%

Retro Studio earned worldwide recognition for their reboot of the Metroid serie on gamecube and then Wii. After that , they released the great DKCR on Wii, relaunching anoter old Nintendo serie.

On Wii U thought their output has decreased to only one game, a straight sequel to DKCR, a 2D platformers. One 2D platformer as the only game of a generation of console is rather weak. I have seen a lot of people praising DKTF and it's probably a great game seeing how good was DKCR. But I did not buy it, not feeling the need to play more 2D DK right after DKCR... I don't know if they have scaled down their staff...

Monolith on the other hand, after trying a new genre with Disaster on Wii, went back to what they know the best : RPG. Xenoblade was an amazing game, easily one of the best of the Wii, with great strory, great fight system,a nd a great world to explore.

I am now playing Xenoblade X and I am just amazed by the scope of this game, by all this beautiful and huge landscape. All the works put in there is astonishing really. It seems you could fit 5 DK games inside for all the work they did.

So here is my question, do you think now that Monolith is now the best Nintendo studio (not counting the internal teams like EAD) and has taken the spot of Retro Studio?

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No, tropical freeze has a lot more technical detail than you may think (aside from making a platformer to rival mario yoshi and Rayman). Retro has an excellent track record and has made one of the best games of all time (metroid prime). Monolith needs to do a lot better to catch up

look at the left of this sentence and you'll get your answer

The one with less design flaws in its last game is the best studio.

For me. Yes.
Never really cared for the Metroid Prime games (beat the first one, stopped midway through the 2nd, haven't even tried the third). And while I enjoyed the DKC Returns games grratly, they do not even hold a candle to the Xenoblade games for me.

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No. Nintendo simply has more than one elite studio. Since you meant best studio, the answer is that they both are the best at what they do.

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If nintendo keeps tasking retro with games like donkey kong then yes, Monolith will surpass retro


So playing a platformer right after the developers previously made just another platformer on the previous console was too much for you.

But playing another RPG right after the developers previously made just another RPG on the previous console was ok?

Best studio is Intelligent Systems and neither have ever taken that position.

Also at least Monolith Soft fans don't constantly, from what i've seen at least, keep begging for more and only RPG's from them.

It seems a lot of Retro Studios fans just bitch and moan whenever they make something that isn't Metroid.