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AHHHH, I wanna participate this year! (Didn't the other years). One question, can we alter the list say if we submit, but haven't beaten FF V, but eventually wind up feeling Fatal Frame deserves to be in the list?

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Sign me up Scotty!

I would like to participate.

NiKKoM said:
I just signing up so Smeags can stalk me and beg me for my list.. Smeags likes it when I not give in right away..

I just want to see that orange notification to pop up. Smeags please.

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Oh I'm in, first time doing it... making a top 50 will be difficult.

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Count me in, Smeags.

I'm feeling a lot better about my list this year. Between games I just recently remembered about, new games and old games I only got to play this year, I really feel like this time I have a solid top 50 that really reflects my personal lifetime gaming experience. AND to make things even better, I won't feel bad for leaving out Star Fox Zero (as I did feel bad with Smash Wii U last year), because of the delay. Sweet!

I actually have a list ready and would PM it to you, Smeags, but I figure I want to give it a little bit more time.

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Glad to see so many first timers

Sign me up

I'll sign up but my list will probably be the same as last year.


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MoHasanie said:
I'll sign up but my list will probably be the same as last year.

No new games released in the last year that you really enjoyed?