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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you want a new 3D Donkey Kong game?

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What would you like to see in a new 3D DK game, if it happens again?

The 2D DK Country series in 3D. 30 29.41%
The DK 64 formula brought back. 35 34.31%
Something completely different. 37 36.27%

And I mean an actual, 3D game. Not a remake of a 2D game on the 3DS, (looking at you Returns!)

We haven't had a real 3D Donkey Kong game since 1999! And fast foward 16 years later where 3D is pretty damn common, it's jarring that it's been that long since a 3D DK game. 
This was the main reason why back in April, I was excited as hell that Donkey Kong 64 was getting a Virtual Console re release. Then when I got around to playing it, around midway through, I stopped from serious fatigue of the game's repetitive structure. 
Unfortunately, I believe DK64 has shown it's age, and that it doesn't hold up very well today as it did back then, when 3D collect-a-thons were at the height of their popularity.
So with that said, I want to see a 3D Donkey Kong game that takes the Mario 3D Land/World approach.
Take a tried and true 2D Donkey Kong platforming game, and bring it into the third dimension.
I can just imagine how absolutely beautiful DK Island would look in that type of setting! 
Since there is no time limit like in the 2D Mario games. You can make the levels in the game more expansive and branching in terms of pathways and exits. 
For example, each level could have 3 different paths as you go mid way through the level. Path A let's you proceeding with more platforming challenges. Path B can be a mine kart section where you have to jump at certain areas and intervals. Path C can be a rocket barrel section, which allows for analog control movement (PLEASE!!), and you use the A button to speed up, B to slow down. And each different exit of a level leads to different levels (like the 2D games), finish the world with a Boss at the end. And so on and so forth.

Do you agree with having a 3D DK game that plays like a 2D game?
Do you want a return of the DK 64 formula?
Do you want them to do something entirely different?
Thoughts, opinions, feel free to post them. And be prepared to debate!

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God no to the DK64 formula (never liked that game) I would be ok with one that used the 3D world model but honestly 2D is what I think is best for the series.

Check the link below. (note to Admins: it's not really porn please don't ban me!)


it could certainly make the series even more succesful to have new entries both in the 3D and 2D style, but honestly I don't want Nintendo to do it, at least not now because having more development teams on the same IPs (DK, Mario and Zelda) would mean that even less of the games that we are requesting will be delivered. That Said, if Nintendo contacts Playtonic Games to make a 3D Donkey Kong would be SOOOOOOOOOOO dope.

I want a dk64 formula 3D DK

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Don't get me wrong. They can absolutely continue making 2D games. I just thought it'd be better for the series as a whole to have them side by side. Like how Mario and Zelda both get at least one game in 2D and one in 3D each gen. If they can do it successfully, why not Donkey Kong. You know?

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I like that idea, DKC with similar gameplay to 3D Land/World

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Yeah, it would take up more development and resources to make a 3D DK game, than a 2D one. Hence why I said, if they ever do it in the poll question.
But, I think Nintendo is well aware of it. Since they have said, and the actions show, time and again that they want to make their hardware very similar to each other so that development can go faster and easier since they don't have to divide their resources into supporting two different systems with different architecture.

Wait for the nx and we will get one




PAOerfulone said:

Like how Mario and Zelda both get at least one game in 2D and one in 3D each gen. If they can do it successfully, why not Donkey Kong. You know?

Because other series *cough cough Metroid cough cough F-Zero* don't even get one game in an entire generation, and it wouldn't be fair honestly, DK doesn't have extremely high sales as well as other IPs so it isn't fair to give it more games only because it's a Mario derivate.

If I was in Nintendo for NX I would make only ONE 3D DK game since we got so many in 2D lately, and then after a few time they could start making again both 2D and 3D...

DK64 like or even 2D style is fine for me.

I'll take them both :D


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