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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Sunshine- Cancelled Multiplayer and other tidbits from development

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     "Some tidbits on the development of Super Mario Sunshine; the first two are fairly new, the other ones are older, but still not widely known:

             - An unused camera behaviour in the game's code suggests that the developers at least experimented with a multiplayer mode. Although it was dropped for unknown reasons, the early beta multiplayer camera is still functional.
            -Work on Sunshine began around Late 2000/Early 2001, so that the game was in development for only around one and a half years. It heavily suffered from time constraints, which even Miyamoto admitted 2003 in an interview.

           -At least five worlds were cut from the final game. Their names can still be found in the game's code.

           - Sunshine originally run at 60 fps, even the version shown at E3 2002 mere weeks before release was 60 fps. The final game was downgraded to 30 fps for unknown reasons."
            I left out some tidbits, but they can be found in the article. Anyway, I don't even want to imagine how crazy multiplayer in Sunshine would have been! Also, I'm not too surprised that Sunshine suffered from time constraints. It's not a bad game, but it did feel very rushed and that's why it became the black sheep of the Mario franchise. There's no doubt that a Sunshine sequel most likely wouldn't suffer from such problems.



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Wow 5 more worlds? Wish they could remake and add that.

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Huh, that 30/60 fps thing really baffles me.

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Ultrashroomz said:
Huh, that 30/60 fps thing really baffles me.

It's not that strange when you consider that some areas in the game suffer from slowdowns. Such shortcomings would be much more visible if the targeted framerate was twice as high. Cutting the framerate in half was a quick fix, and you have to remember that the GameCube was already treading water at that point in its lifecycle, so the game had to release sooner rather than later. A fate that The Wind Waker would share as well.

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sad that they didnt cancel the whole game.

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Pavolink said:
Wow 5 more worlds? Wish they could remake and add that.

Yeah, perhaps they could remake the game in order to gauge interest for a sequel? I wouldn't mind a Sunshine 2 that fixes the original's flaws!

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60 FPS and 5 worlds missing :(!

They need to remaster it!


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Interesting... this is probably my favorite 3D Mario XD I hope it gets remade someday, it was so unique, and while they're add it they should add those 5 cut worlds

Oh, don't go and speculate on multiplayer now. That's just gonna get the Sunshine fan's hopes up and make him ask for a remake again. That guy's been through enough, I mean he played Sunshine after all.

Jokes aside, the multiplayer probably would've sucked so that's not a big deal. Likely would've been similar to the plans for Luigi's Mansion's canned multiplayer. The 5 world's could've been cool if they weren't all focused on the beach motif; that was already tiring after the levels we already had.

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StarOcean said:
Interesting... this is probably my favorite 3D Mario XD I hope it gets remade someday, it was so unique, and while they're add it they should add those 5 cut worlds

Well, this  is definitely not something you hear every day!

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