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I've made a bunch of friends, I got something to do at nights, I have an excuse to not do my homework, and I recently became a writer ^_^

Bet with bluedawgs: I say Switch will outsell PS4 in 2018, he says PS4 will outsell Switch. He's now permabanned, but the bet will remain in my sig.

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Nothing. I never planned to achieve anything here, I only signed up to talk about xbox.


"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"

I've made a few controversial threads, made the Official Wii U Thread (which will be revived some time before E3), and became a database admin. I've also procrastinated A LOT on here. 

getting close to becoming a mod.

Well I've perfected my lurking skills and umm.....

Showed a few people the flight-school grad photo of Alan Shepard. First Amis in space, a record 33 hours on the surface of the moon, elected to congress and died of cancer. You thought that was a selfie?

I remember rocketman.

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I haven't really done anything myself either. I'm just your everyday guy. ; )



Dance my pretties!

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Nothing. The leaders, managers and owners have always blacklisted me from anything worthwhile.

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I have remained mostly unknown except to mafia players and the gaymers

I defended a plastic box against an anonymous stranger who insulted its honour.

curl-6 said:
I defended a plastic box against an anonymous stranger who insulted its honour.


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