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Which RPG is best?

Tales of Xillia 8 26.67%
Tales of Graces f 8 26.67%
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles 3 10.00%
Other 9 30.00%
None 2 6.67%

Xillia or Kingdom Hearts

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If it's on PS3 there's a lot of great JRPGs.

Atlus Persona Team: Persona
Capcom: Dragon’s Dogma + Monster Hunter
Cavia: Nier
Crypton Future Media: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA
From Software: Enchanted Arms + Demon's Souls + Dark Souls
Game Republic: Folklore
Gust: Atelier + Ar tonelico + Trinity Universe
Idea Factory: Mugen Souls + Neptunia + Cross Edge + Agarest
Level-5: Ni no Kuni + White Knight Chronicles
Namco Tales Studio: Tales (Symphonia + Vesperia + Graces f + Xilia + Xilia 2 + Zestiria)
Neverland: Rune Factory
Nippon Ichi Software: Disgaea + The Witch and the Hundred Knight
Omega Force: Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll
Sega: Valkyria Chronicles
Square Enix: Final Fantasy + Kingdom Hearts HD
tri-Ace: Resonance of Fate + Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Tri-Crescendo: Eternal Sonata

Thanks for the responses guys. Looks like it is between Graces and Xillia. I probably should have listed the other PS3 (j)RPGs I already have.

Valkyria Chronicles
Disgaea 3
Ni No Kuni
White Knight Chronicles I & II

I liked Graces F


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If you want standard JRPG with interesting story i vote Tales of Xillia.

But if you want TRPG with also intersting story i suggest Natural Doctrine.


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You shouldn't skip on Star Ocean: The Last Hope. The Kingdom Hearts collections are also highly adviced.

Bravely Default
Demon's Souls
Persona Q
Etrian Odyssey 4
Shin Megami Tensei IV

I know you will not listen to this, but these games are better than the ones you mentioned.

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