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    < BraLoD posted something on drdante's wall:

    You should drop by the Manga thread that was set up on the forums, there are some other One Piece fans that go over there, so we can talk more about all that great stuff that keeps coming XD

    Nah its ok. If i wanna discuss anything abt anime or manga i usually go to myanimelist.
    Besides i prefer keeping my enthusiasm to myself. But thanks for the offer btw

    on 23 April 2016

    < BraLoD posted something on drdante's wall:

    Have you seem the new bountys?

    Not as high as we though, but I'm very happy with Usopp bounty position in the crew now ahahaha xD

    i honestly thought Luffy's bounty would be 700 mil but oh well. Sanji's bounty is a mysterious one, Usopp's bounty is the funniest one, Nami's bounty picture looks badass, Chopper is the poorest one hahaha

    on 27 September 2015

    It'll be so damn funny when they are all together and Usopp has now a bounty higher than Sanji and is part of the strongest trio hahaha, I'm sure Zoro will mock Sanji and they'll end uo fighting... and Usopp will be hit XD.
    Chopper is still taken and the cotton-candy loving pet, the marine has yet to see monster Chopper to give it a proper bounty, he'll most likely be over Brook and under Franky when he get one.

    And who might be this Captain Jack? He is really crazy to want to attack 4 navi ships were there are Fujitora, Sengoku and Tsuru.

    Oh, and Going Luffy Senpai, Bartholomew's ship... just LOL. XD

    on 27 September 2015

    Usopp is gonna have a hard time trying to live up his monster trio title to those 2 and Sanji is gonna kick him hard when the meet hahaha!

    I think Captain Jack would be one of Kaido's strongest commander. Their pirate flag is obviously Kaido's. Can't wait to see what he's capable of.

    I know right! Turns out Barto's entire crew is worshiping SH! XD

    on 27 September 2015

    Yeah, he is under Kaido, if he THE strongest "general" in the Kaido fleet he may be really strong, but even so, judging by Marco and Ace, Whiterbeard to main generals, and Sabo, the Revolutionary main general under Dragon, I don't think he stands a chance against Fujitora + Sengoku + Tsuru.
    Maybe he has some kind of really useful akuma no mi power though, so if he can free DoFlamingo before actually having to go into a all-out fight, he + Doffy may be quite a powerful duo.

    I don't think he'll succeed, though, Doffy is not getting away, the Throne Wars is definitely happening, Kaido also seems to want that to happen, Big Mon wants Luffy head (I'm guessing Big Mom fell in love for Sanji, or I must say, his cooking skills, he was hidden in her ship, he must have impressed her a lot as the glutonny she is, that's why they want Sanji only alive, to use lure Big Mom).

    Well, it's so intense recently, every new week we are getting exciting chapters and new stuff!

    on 27 September 2015

    i think Jack succeeded. They will kidnap Doffy and bring him to Kaido and god knows what'll happen to him lol.

    Looking how the story goes, things will get very intense in the near future. But first, they need to reunite with Curly Hat crew and go to Wano Kuni first.

    After that, let the throne wars commence!. Oda is a fan of Game of Thrones confirmed XD

    on 27 September 2015

    < XanderXT posted something on drdante's wall:

    Where did you get those Akatsuki Straw hat Crew Pic?

    in some random anime wallpapers site. can't remember the name...

    on 04 September 2015

    Can I borrow it?

    on 04 September 2015

    what for?

    on 04 September 2015

    To show my friends.

    on 04 September 2015

    lol yea you can have it

    on 04 September 2015


    on 04 September 2015

    < BraLoD posted something on drdante's wall:

    Did you read this week One Piece?

    Usopp prediction is getting really close xD

    And things really intense!

    Now a week without One Piece, but then chapter 800 will be upon us, I bet the new bounts will come as part of the comemoration of this milestone. Can't wait!

    holy shiieetttt!!! 5600 followers right off the bat!!
    Damn it ODA! Ahhh another break!!
    5/5 chapter this week....to much awesomeness!!

    on 03 September 2015

    I didn't expect Tontatta tribes to join the allies too! Damn this is getting much more interesting. Recruiting nakama has taken into another level hahah

    on 03 September 2015

    Well, Usopp is this awesome hahaha.
    Now Luffy is basically a Yonko, it might be a translation issue but Fujitora told something to himself about Luffy and Yonko after beating DoFlamingo, he could be meaning Kaido will be coming for Luffy, but what if the Yonko are to turn into Goko with Luffy being the 5th? Well, he is worldly famous, will have a huhe bounty, beat a lot of Shichibukais, defied two Yonkos, all Navi Admirals, the World Government and the Cypher Police while breaking through Enies Lobby, invaded and escaped Impel Down, beat up a Tenryubito right under Mariejoes and now another that was mind behind all underworld deals and the second strongest Schibukai, and now has really strong and influent capitains under his crew name and over 5600 followers... Luffy actually already really deserves a special place in the pirate world, like being one of the imperors, he quallified to it if you ask me.

    on 03 September 2015

    Also has Law as a ally with an alliance and most likely Boa as well (she would do whatever he asks). Jinbe was supossed to enter his crew soon too (but I think he might die). So plus some Schibukais xD

    on 03 September 2015

    And some countries and villages as well (like Alabasta and now Dressrosa as countries that would fully support him).

    on 03 September 2015

    Luffy as a gonko? Heck no, he'll be a pirate king, a position way above them! At that time I can imagine all emperors will be working under the SH pirates along with the other fleets. And at that time, they will be unstoppable, legend will be made, history will be written and they will be untouchable! Not even WG and marine higher ups can get near them.

    I could imagine Boa will be joining the alliance once the marines found out that she complicit with Luffy and the marines will hunts her and her island down. Then Luffy intervenes and marks the Amazon Lily as his territory and recruitng Kuja pirate as his alliances.

    Jimbe on the other hand........hmmm not sure if he will be recruited as a nakama or as an ally with a fleet of fishmen pirates. He said that he has something that needs to be taken care of, which could be reunite the Sun pirates and fight for freedom against WG and freeing the fishmen slaves from them.

    If both above come true then Luffy will have the most variety of fleets; dwarves, giants, fishmen, women, etc......you name it!

    on 03 September 2015

    Luffy won't jump to pirate king out of nowhere, he'll be a imperor first, and I'm saying he qualifies to it already so it could happen now, aside of him having to beat one of them (Big Mom or Kaido) to be recognized as one.
    Would be cool of he fought a imperor as one himself, kinda like that WB and Shanks level of coolness when they crossed swords.
    I imagine having Luffy as the underdog, fighting one to finally be recognized would also be cool, as a really big challenge to be overcome, so it really can go both ways, we'll discover soon.

    on 03 September 2015

    lol of course....i'm talking about the end of the series. As of now, he may have a chance to beat yonkos but still at a small margin. Since Law predicted the success rate against Kaido alone would 30%, it may raised a bit to 45%. We still don't know any of the emperor's crews and fleets nor what they are capable of, we will see soon.

    *sigh* if only Oda is healthier, we wouldn't get much break as now

    on 03 September 2015

    I thought Oda was taking some days off to enjoy some peace, didn't knew he was sick, dammit, hope he gets better soon.

    I dunno about Luffy chance of beating one of the Yonko, but he'll definitely do it, and it would be so cool if he was already an imperor himself while doing it. His bounty may even not being made public if it goes that way, because of how high it is and how improbable is to anyone other than another imperor or a really high marine/wg guy to have a shot on doing so.

    I think few mangas actually explore well the growth of the characters strength, like they focus too much on them growing while weak and as soon as they get really strong it ends, like in Naruto. I really want to see Luffy as a badass famous pirate right now being really feared and respect, not only when he got to the One Piece, I want to enjoy the strong side of the story as much as did with the first steps and growing process.

    Epics battles between imperors and admirals, wg being pushed to show it's fangs and letting loose it's true face, with the mugiwaras being one of those high profiles.

    on 03 September 2015

    < BraLoD posted something on drdante's wall:

    Go read One Piece lastest chapter!

    Things are getting really interesting xD

    already did. Fuijitora is being underestimated lol

    on 27 August 2015

    Oh he is not.
    He is making almost and entire island buildings float, and Luffy don't care and want to fight.
    He said he knows he is strong and he can't defeat him like the other guys, he knows what he is doing, he choose to stop running and finally go for real with his dream of being the pirate king.
    I don't think they'll really fight there, Luffy is still hurt, but his bounty will really go up. Doubt he'll still be under Ace, time for a 600M worth pirate to rise.

    on 27 August 2015

    yea i thought the same thing. luffy may able to make fujitora withdraw but he'll come back to haunts him again. as for the bounty, i'm guessing 700 mil.

    on 27 August 2015

    Fujitora also seems to understand Luffy is serious.
    Luffy still can't forget what happened in Shabaody two years ago, Kizaru was completely out of his league and even with Raylegh coming and stopping him he lost his nakama to and could not protect anyone (also couldn't do a thing when Aokiji frozen Robin long ago and the same when Akainu killed Ace right before his eyes).
    Seems like we are finally entering the last stage of the series, Luffy is defying both the Yonko and the Admirals, he is about to finally have his goal of becoming the pirate king becoming more than just a wish.
    Do you think Luffy still is holding something back?
    That he still have something hidden that he got training with Raylegh?
    He won t use the gear forth again right now, maybe he has developed some Haki ability that will make Fujitora step back and don't fight him? Or that the mugiwaras will stand together with him against Fujitora? (I noticed Usopp wasn't afraid of him and his power like he usually does, maybe we'll see Zoro, Usopp and Franky cover Luffy back? He sure does not like to let people interneve on his fights, but it did happened when they faced the first pacifista back in Shabaody.
    Well, Law is also coming, and seems like Sengoku really don't want to do anything to him, maybe Sengoku will ask Fujitora to come back.

    Whatever is to happen, I'm really excited, the mugiwaras are now definitely in the high tier!

    on 27 August 2015

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    Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!

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    i love xbox 360 said: Anyone played the Horizon DLC ? Worth a buy ? Loved the original game so much ! Which one? Final Horizon? yea i bought it along with dlc.....its enjoyable and challenging sometimes...

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    Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!

    in Sony Discussion on 25 July 2017

    Hey guys its been a while I just bought the new Vita slim after I accidentally dropped my 1st Vita when I was playing and the screen broke. I was really mad at myself for being careless and sloppy....damn it! *cry* So far I gotta say the slim one is lighter, better grip and control (especially the joystick), longer battery life and more attractive too! I bought the orange color so...... ...

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    So it finally happened... I got a PS4!

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    No PSP and Vita? And you call yourself a huge fan? Shame on you :-D...


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