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Forums - Sony Discussion - GTA5 for PS4 will do the same Numbers of TLoU:R

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Ok this may be a bit bold but i was discussing this on other thread, and i'm predicting that GTA5 on PS4 will do similar numbers of TLoU:R, not that much higher that some would expect.

The main reason is that GTA5 already have a significant userbase, and unlike TLoU:R it was on 2 consoles, already sold tons, was a much hyped game and when it was released it was the priority of a lot of people (including me).

The other reason is that other new games will be released this season, the competition will be higher than it is now, and the options are much spread.

What do you think?

Show us your predictions!

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It will do more, maybe double. Its just that much bigger a ip, even with plenty comp. Barly any of it is true gen exclusive. And no major 1st part exclusives to steal thunder.

I never played GTAv, cant wait for PS4 version.

I think all Nintendo fans should buy a PS4, they would have the best of both worlds: next gen 3rd party games, ps3 cool remasters.
And, also, Nintendo exclusives =D

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GTA 5 is like a cult it will sell a lot more a mean a lot!

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GTA is a beast, it will sell more.

I only finished about 20% of the story on PS3. Im thinking of selling it and picking it up again on PS4.

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Nah.. GTA5 on the PS4 will sell MUCH more! Heck, I wouldn't besurprised if it could double TLOU's numbers!

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hmm normally i would agree. the logic is just right.
after already over 30 million units sold to customers. who the hell is there who has not already played this game?

but its about the double dippers.
it will do  more, but wont sell gangbusters

i would like a upgrade option.

Nah it'll do way more than The Last of Us.

2 million week one. 800k on XB1 and 1.2 million on PS4. Life time 8 million on next gen.

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The remake on PS2 1 year later

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories PS2 2006 Action Take-Two Interactive 1.56 1.40 0.07 0.50 3.54

3.56 million even with the amazing PS2 libary at the time the remake was released. Not to mention it did not have online.

AZWification said:

Nah.. GTA5 on the PS4 will sell MUCH more! Heck, I wouldn't besurprised if it could double TLOU's numbers!

i wouldn't either ;) but since this came to my mind i had to post it, GTA5 is a great game, and it have a great success, the main reason is that, i don't think a lot of people who beat it would be buying it again, and that leaves it may be to a small margin for new comers.