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Forums - Sony Discussion - GTA5 for PS4 will do the same Numbers of TLoU:R

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amak11 said:
Hah yeah right. It will more than quadruple TLoU:R numbers upon release. You forget this is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This franchise alone already dwarfs CoD.

It clearly says the PS4 version;)

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First week: 2million.
Come at me! I'm saying this because I expect a lot of people will upgrade because Online will probably have a higher playercount and exclusive content.

Nope, more. At least double. Probably more in the ballpark of triple or quadruple.

Don't underestimate GTA fans. Other than TLOU this game has replay value. A LOT of fans will be double dipping.

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Nah, it'll surpass TLoUR. It'll probably sell another 4 million alone on current gen.




It will do more.


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by this thread i see that there is a lot of people upgrading!


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