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Forums - Sony Discussion - GTA5 for PS4 will do the same Numbers of TLoU:R

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I'd say it sells a lot more, tbh

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loy310 said:
2 million week one. 800k on XB1 and 1.2 million on PS4. Life time 8 million on next gen.

im predicting 1 million week one, 600k ps4 and 400k X1..

the reasons of my predition i already told :P 

It will sell more for sure, i will buy it, i cant wait anymore xD


GTA V will have long legs and sell heaps on the PS4 and keep selling after GTA VI embraces 8th gen consoles.

You have some good reasoning. But GTA is an obsession, as are increased pixel counts. It will sell like crazy!

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I think tlou is under tracked...... The remaster IMO should do well over 2 million.. It is selling well at retail......

And I expect GTA v to do over 4 million on ps4 at least( maybe skirt by 6-7)



week 1 600k on ps4

GTAV will do a lot more than TLOU.  It will sell 3 times as much, and it will move much more units; my forecast.

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Hah yeah right. It will more than quadruple TLoU:R numbers upon release. You forget this is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This franchise alone already dwarfs CoD.

NobleTeam360 said:
Nah it'll do way more than The Last of Us.

This. Do many people think that the PS4 version of GTA V, the version in which will be much more superior than the PS3, 360, & Xbox One versions as a whole, won't sell a lot of copies than TLOU: Remastered & won't move a lot of PS4 hardware? LOL.