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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - When will Mario Kart 8 outshine Mario Kart Super Circuit

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Mario Kart 8>Super Circuit

1 month 26 20.97%
2 months 13 10.48%
3 months 7 5.65%
End of 2014 54 43.55%
End of it's lifetime 19 15.32%
Never 5 4.03%

Mario Kart 8 as a lot of people know has been a Wii U cheat to good sales. Not only has the console jumped, but software sales have been raging high on the charts too. The lowest selling Mario Kart (as of now) is Mario Kart 8. The second lowest selling is Mario Kart Super Circuti for GBA. When will Mario Kart 8 overshadow it (if it does).


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I predict 6,000,000 on the end of this year, so: 2014!

Polygon said it never will.

So never.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

It can't even beat SC in graphics so it won't beat it in sales.

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Conegamer said:
Polygon said it never will.

So never.


If it passes, I'll burn the games to say that never existed.

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So... Huge drop offs are Raging these days... wait a couple weeks before making comments like that

Poll sucks. Definitely won't reach it in 3months so why even include them as an option and it could do it between end of 2014 and end of lifetime... But no option for that.

drake_tolu said:
I predict 6,000,000 on the end of this year, so: 2014!

And people said there wasn't a camp who had ridiculous expectations for this game. Dude, get your expectations in order. It will be around that end of 2016

Mario Kart 8 will never outsell SC, but Bundle Kart 8 will!

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