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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo’s E3 Presentation May Have Leaked Through Social Media

Nintendo’s E3 Presentation May Have Leaked Through Social Media

In a reported leak through social media, by way of Facebook’s news feed, Nintendo’s entire E3 lineup may have leaked in photo form via Reddit.

Posted by Reddit user “dragonquest,” what appears to be a viable E3 show floor lineup for Nintendo has been leaked in image form, and shared within the hour, including titles such as Mario Party 10, Super Mario Sunshine HD remake, and more, pictured below. Though this listing may not reflect all the titles in their hour long presentation, given that this is a show floor listing of hands-on titles, we can be fairly certain that this showing should be a large piece of the presentation.

Given that all titles listed appear to be legitimate, it’s nice to have a slice of what’s to come from Nintendo, but it really is too bad that we won’t be hearing anything about a Zelda title outside of the Dynasty series.





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Hyrule Warriors was confirmed to be the actual title a while back.

Seems fake.

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This actually seems believable when compared to others!!!! No release dates which makes sense and actual names but I will still take this with a caution


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A new Star Fox on 3DS???
New Zelda title Unbound King???
Super Mario Sunshine HD???
Wave Race: Blue Storm HD???
I could definitely get into that...
Mario Party 10???
Cool it with the Mario Party love, Nintendo...

Have a nice day...

I hope this is fake because that list is absolutely horrible. We don't need a fucking Mario Party for Wii U. And definitely no Star Fox. On rail games need to disappear from this world.

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Seems plausible, but still think it's fake. Only 5 days to go to know for sure though!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Mario Party 10, Sunshine HD, Star Fox for 3DS, no Paper Mario U?! This list better be fake!

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The fact that this calls that one game "Pokken Fighter" makes me think this is very fake. No chance that nintendo would release the game with that title in the West (and it doesn't have a "(temp)" tag). Pretty much the same thing with Project S.T.E.A.M. ...that just screams "codename"

Also, XenoMech? Doesn't really sound too great to me...

However, this is a pretty great line-up and it would be wonderful if it was true

Nothing really unexpected in that set, which increases likelihood

XenoMech Saga is the weak link in this one. That sounds like a dumb name.

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I still don't understand why some random person would have a copy of their Presentation Plan. Especially a girl. We all know there are no girls in the gaming industry.

This is definitely fake.