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Forums - Gaming Discussion - MK8 is back atop the PS4 on Amazon's best seller list (NA)

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Take a look at Amazon's best sellers in the video game department. Right now (May 12th, afternoon). MK8 has been past the PS4 for the last 2 days.

Ok, I know some of you have doubts of Amazon being a good indicator of sales. However, the last time MK8 took over the PS4 in Amazon's best seller rankings for an extended period of time -- the preorders for MK8 nearly reached 40k weekly.

I think this a pretty good indicator of another 30k+ preorder week for MK8. Especially as we're seeing better and better preorder bonuses coming out.

If the trend holds steady, that means MK8 will coast pass 200k in preorders in North America alone by launch and undoubtedbly become the biggest WiiU release -- ever. By a loong shot.

Obligatory MK8 screenshot to make you want this game more /

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Not bad for a game that is exclusive to the doomed WiiU, huh?

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Same in germany since a few days, but i dont think amazon charts mean that much!

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That retro MK64 track looks better than any nitro tracks of MK8. To bad is not like the original with 3 laps.

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for me mk8 will have 400,000 pre order, minimum 300,000, and coming with 600,000 only in USA, minimum 500,000...
Yes... for me will sold more of TitanFall. I predict 50,000 pre order for Mario Kart nex week.

Hope this game does well for the WiiU and Nintendo. So far so good

Still need to pre-order my copy...

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Also for the first time I saw the first ad for Mario Kart and no less it was on vgchartz.

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"Ok, I know some of you have doubts of Amazon being a good indicator of sales."


actually Amazon sales ranking is a perfect indicator of sales. a perfect indicator of sales of just amazon that is.