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Which version, and why?

3DS version 23 8.78%
Wii U version 96 36.64%
Both 143 54.58%

I'll get both. The 3DS version to be able to play on the go, and since my closest friends only have a 3DS, so it is a bit better to play together, than to just do a reunion that some may miss, to play the Wii U version.

The Wii U version, will still be my main version, I prefer consoles for these type of games, plus I have more music, and lots of Nintendo characters appearing for the first time in HD.

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3ds... digital copy.... i think i should get more digital games on my 3ds... esp when im travelling i dont feel like carrying cartridges anymore.... if i get a wii u i will sure pick one up....


Judging by the poll, I'd say it's pretty safe to say that Nintendo's releasing strategy (not only releasing the 3DS version first, but releasing it at all) is paying off greatly.

I agree!

I plan to just wait for the Wii U version.

Although, my friends want the 3DS version and I'm sure they will try to get me to buy it too.

I feel like it might take away from the U version...because it won't feel new by the time it comes out if I get both.

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Getting SSB for 3DS on day 1 (or close to it) and will get SSB for WiiU when I get my WiiU this holiday (alongside MK8).


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Wii U version. I'd much rather play on a console than a handheld. Also for local multiplayer purposes.

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I am getting the Wii U version, because honestly,  the stage selection is much better and the online aspect is also going to be much better!

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I plan on getting both...when I finally have some left over funds to buy a Wii U, Smash will be the first game I buy. In the meantime, I'll probably play the heck out of the 3DS version and hone my skills for when I finally get to play it on Wii U...

Also, I'd like to ask. To the 20 of you planning on getting the 3DS version only, would you have considered buying a Wii U if the Wii U version released first?