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The Wii U sends the signal directly to the GamePad and it has almost no lag (less than usual televisions). It isn't designed to be used it in the entire house. It works with a very high bandwidth, the video stream that is sent to the GamePad has up to 40 Mbps and the audio is uncompressed.

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Also I'd love a source ;)

Nothing has changed regarding my opinion towards the Wii U.">"><img src="

JoeTheBro said:

Also I'd love a source ;)

It uses MiraCast for GamePad transmission meanign it's damn fast and has a lot of bandwidth.

The rEVOLution is not being televised

I though I was about to get some of that secret sauce but i guess not.

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Considering thats the whole point of the wiiU is to have zero latency between the gamepad and the console, I am not surprised... And I don't think anyone else is either after that Digital Foundary comparison with the Nvidia Shield vs Vita vs WiiU latency test

What might be more interesting however is that the wiiU gamepad to console has less latency than a lot of HDTVs

Anyway, back to getting my ass kicked in DKC


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I think anyone who tried Mario Bro U or even 3D World at a local store will notice the stream to the GamePad controller has no lag.
They may not know about the limited distance it has from the system though, although that has to do more with the amount of thick walls in your way.

I thought all of this was common knowledge? I've known all of this since before WiiU released.


Very high bandwidth and no games is a bad combination?

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no reaction lol, it's a cool "fact" (no source so eh) but I don't get how we're supposed to really react XP