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In progress:

PS4>Wii U Japan early 2015

PS4 50% marketshare Nov 14

XBONE week sales TF

PS4>3DS every month 3 years

8th gen grand prediction


Wii U 9 mil LTD 2014 Other systems

PS4>Wii U>XBONE 2014

New Nintendo system shown off E3 2015

3DS Down YOY 13-14


XBONE Jan <282

PS4 and XBONE US Jan 2014

PS4>3DS weekly in January


XBONE slightly above PS4 Dec NPD

XBONE in stock online

PS week ending 12/14/13


Wii U > XBONE Q1 14

Wii U, PS4, and XBONE global Jan 2014

PS4 Supply Problems over in Jan US

XBONE Dec. 28th 13 ioi explained this one to me. oops

XBOX week ending 12/14/13