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JoeTheBro said:
Legend11 said:
JoeTheBro said:
Legend11 said:
pezus said:
Legend11 said:

In the end it doesn't matter since Xbox One will eventually pass Vita in Europe.

Not at its current rate.

Want to bet on it?

I'll take that bet if Pezus declines.

So you really believe that Xbox One won't ever overtake Vita in Europe?  In my opinion it'll pass it sometime in 2015 at the latest.  If you still want to make the bet lets make it for Jan 1st, 2016.  If Xbox One has sold more in Europe I win.

I think it's a possibility. PS4 doing great in Europe can prop up Vita and slow down XBONE. Plus Vita is ahead by over 1.5 million. If it consistently outsold it by 10k per week like it just did, that'd take three years to pass it. Setting the bet for Jan 1st, 2016 makes me feel pretty good about it. Bet accepted.

Xbox One still has to launch in many countries which will probably cut down that number by several hundred thousand.  It still has Titanfall, Halo 5, Quantum Break, Mojang's next game, and other AAA exclusives to come out which will help push the system.  There's also the pricecut that will likely happen in the next two years, possibly by as much as $100.  And there's the possibility of a cheaper kinectless SKU that would push even more systems.

Compare that to Vita which looks to have major third party support in the West drying completely up.  It will likely depend almost solely on niche Japanese games and indies to push new sales.  It could see a pricecut but that could put it into the position of selling at a loss which Sony has always been reluctant to do.  It's appeal almost solely to very hardcore gamers likely means that a larger percentage the systems potential buyers probably already have one compared to a system with broader appeal. 

There's also the fact that gaming handhelds face far more competition and it only appears to be growing compared to gaming consoles.  This is likely due to the costs and risks of AAA gaming development keeping competition against gaming consoles in check.  Compare that to Xbox One which even though it faces very stiff competition against PS4 at least has a very weakened Nintendo console to help pick up the slack.

Bet accepted.