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Landguy said:
I will throw out one thought on people claiming that the XB1 is in stock at many stores. I was thinking the same thing while Christmas shopping with my wife on Monday this week. I was at a Sam's Club (Walmart's warehouse chain) and they had a big XB1 display filled with XB1s. I went to look at them closer and found them all to be empty boxes. I asked n employee if they have any left and she said NO. Later that day I was at a Best Buy and they had a similar kind of display and they did NOT have any in stock. Also later that day while at Walmart, they DID have some in stock.

Point is, they may look to be in stock and not actually be in stock.

Yes this is true, but most people make sure the boxes aren't empty. Two days after launch I saw two boxes at a Best Buy as part of a display. Super obvious they weren't the real deal.


Also online stores match up with the report XBONE has lots of supply. has had five bundles and the stand alone system in stock for about six days. The Microsoft store website has had an ultimate bundle in stock for the past few days only selling out for a few hours at a time. is the same way except with the stand alone system.

Moving on to the thread.

Meanwhile the PS4 sells out at minutes when stock comes in. Only place it's in stock right now is which has been there for four hours. EDT: sold out minutes after posting.


It's really a battle of the XBONE's demand vs the PS4's supply. As just a guess I'd say they'll be pretty even but XBONE'll come out on top.