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Dark_Feanor said:

As hard is for some here belive, people buy consoles for their games, not the internal rendering... however, the final bump depends a lot on the "hype machine" and midia barage Microsoft and EA are going to put on this game.

200K consoles is not impossible.

200k is impossible. Halo 3 only managed to get the system up to 230k for the week. That was during the start of the holidays, the 360 was doing pretty good before, was exclusive, and Halo 3 was much bigger than Titanfall. Plus that was just a 66k bump from the week before. Sure sales were going up for the holiday, but let's say Halo 3 caused a 95k bump from the few weeks before it released.


If Titanfall sold a few more systems than Halo 3, it'd still be only 150k. 200k is impossible.

I'm also changing my prediction to 90k for the week after reviewing the numbers. Sorry Toast