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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you think Super Mario 3D World will outsell Super Mario Sunshine?

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Is 3D World able top Sunshine?

Yes 178 74.79%
No 47 19.75%
Same 13 5.46%

      What the subject says... Is Super Mario 3D World able to top Super Mario Sunshine' sales? Sure, it had a  slow start, but who knows. Maybe if the Wii U starts selling really well next year, 3D World's sales will pick up as well. What do you think? Is 3D World going to have nice sales or is it going to continue to be " Mario 3D Flop" as  Pavolink says?

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Yes. It is a better game and has a better reception from Nintendo's audience than Sunshine did.

Id like to know sales of each.

On my phone and cba going through the chartz.


Carl2291 said:
Id like to know sales of each.

On my phone and cba going through the chartz.

          Super Mario Sunshine- 6.31 million
          Super Mario 3D World- 1.02 million ( so far)

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Carl2291 said:
Id like to know sales of each.

On my phone and cba going through the chartz.

Sunshine sold 6.3m

3D World just passed 1m.

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SM3DW is far from being a flop, its already hit the million mark and will have legs throughout the Wii Us life. Its also rated among the best Mario games, Pavolink is wrong to call it "Mario 3D flop"
I will play it safe and say it will sell around the same as Sunshine, but it could go a little further Maybe 7-8 million.

Regardless of whether it sells more, anyone who has ever called SM3DW a flop is an ignoramoose.

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I believe Super Mario 3D World has potential to outperform Super Mario Sunshine. I base my beliefs on;

1. It is a better game than Super Mario Sunshine
2. It has multiplayer funktions, giving it a long term value to consumers that Super Mario Sunshine never had.
3. It appeals to a wider audience than Super Mario Sunshine ever did (the same audience that New Super Mario Bros. appealed to)

It all comes down to how strong Wii U will sell, of course. I believe if Wii U will have to sell 18-20 million systems for Super Mario 3D World to top Super Mario Sunshine.

I don't think it will.

Wii U will outsell the GC but 3D World still won't pass Sunshine. I think it'll be overlooked because:

1) The fan base Wii U eventually attracts won't care for 3D World's style.
2) A true 3D Mario will be released someday splitting the sales in 3rds. (2D, 2.5 D and 3D Mario)
3) Mario in general has seen many more entries as of late causing a slight market saturation. (3D Land also exists)

Yeah, it's a better game with a better name on a better system.