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Forums - Movies & TV - Sin City a dame to kill for & TMNT & Guardians of the Galaxy - your thoughts and reviews and etc. "Official 3D Movies of 2K14" (Trailers in the 4th & 5th OP & List in 1st OP)


What is your favorite Comic-Book Movie of 2014?

I, Frankenstein 3D 111 29.06%
300: Rise of an Empire 3D 7 1.83%
Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier 3D 35 9.16%
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 3D 30 7.85%
X-Men: Days of Future Past 3D 62 16.23%
Guardians of the Galaxy 3D 48 12.57%
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D 5 1.31%
Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill for 3D 9 2.36%
Big Hero 6 3D 2 0.52%
see results. 46 12.04%

The Official "3D Movies of 2K14" Thread


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There's gonna be around 100 3D Movies in 2014.


Space Pirate Captain Harlock 3D "Jan 1, 2014"

The Legend of Hercules 3D "Jan 10, 2014"

The Nut JobJanuary 17, 2014Canada

I, Frankenstein (Comic Book Movie) January 24, 2014United States Australia

Viy 3DJanuary 30, 2014Russia Ukraine Czech Republic Germany UKArri Alexa & STEREOTEC Midsize Rig

The Monkey King 3D "Jan. 31, 2014"

Nurse 3D "Feb. 7, 2014"

The Lego MovieFebruary 7, 2014Australia United States2.35:1

Pompeii 3D "Feb. 21, 2014"

Stalingrad 3D "Feb. 28, 2014"

300: Rise of an EmpireMarch 7, 2014United States2.39:1Also in IMAX 3D.

War of the Worlds: Goliath 3D "March 7, 2014"

Mr. Peabody & ShermanMarch 7, 2014United States1.85:1

Need for Speed 3D "March 14, 2014"

Noah 3D "March 28, 2014"

Naked Ambition 2 "April 3, 2014"

Captain America: The Winter SoldierApril 4, 2014United States 2.39:1

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar 3D "April 4, 2014"

Rio 2April 11, 2014United States2.39:1

Stretch Armstrong 3D "April 11, 2014" (Canceled)

Kochadaiiyaan "April 11, 2014"

Make Your Move 3D "April 18, 2014"

Iceman 3D (Chinese Film) "April 25, 2014"

The Amazing Spider-Man 2May 2, 2014United States2.39:1Also in IMAX 3D.

The Protector 2 3D "May 2, 2014"

Legend of OZ: Dorothy's Return 3D "May 9, 2014"

Godzilla 3D "May 16"

X-Men: Days of Future PastMay 23, 2014United StatesArri Alexa 3D2.39:1

Postman Pat: the Movie "May 23, 2014"

Under the Electric Sky 3D "May 29, 2014"

MaleficentMay 30, 2014United States2.39:1

Edge of Tomorrow 3D "June 6, 2014"

How to Train Your Dragon 2June 13, 2014United States2.35:1Also in IMAX 3D.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary 3D "June 21, 2014"

Transformers: Age of ExtinctionJune 27, 2014United States2.39:1Also in IMAX 3D.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 3D "July 11, 2014"

Planes: Fire & Rescue 3D"July 18, 2014"

Hercules 3D "July 25, 2014"

Most Welcome 2 "July 29, 2014"

The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom 3D "July 31, 2014"

Guardians of the GalaxyAugust 1, 2014[12]United States

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D "Aug. 8, 2014"

Step Up 5: All In "Aug. 8, 2014"

Stand by Me, Doraemon 3D "August 8, 2014"

DeepSea Challenge 3D "Aug. 8, 2014"

Sin City: A Dame to Kill for 3D "August 22, 2014"

Shockwave, Darkside "Aug. 22, 2014"

The Four 3 "Aug. 22, 2014"

Dolphin Tale 2 3D "September 19, 2014"

The BoxtrollsSeptember 26, 2014United States1.85:1

Book of Life 3D "Oct. 17, 2014"

Ouija "October 24, 2014"

Big Hero 6 3D "Nov. 7, 2014"

The Penguins of Madagascar "Nov. 26, 2014"

Asterix: The Land of the Gods 3D "November 26, 2014"

Exodus: Gods & Kings "December 12, 2014"

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies "December 17, 2014" New Zealand United StatesRed Epic Cameras & 3ality TS5 Rigs2.39:1Also in IMAX 3D. Filmed at 96 Refresh Rate (48 fps per camera).


Save Oz! "2015"

John Wick "2015"

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2 3D "2015"

Resident Evil 6: Armageddon 3D "2015"

The Shadow King 3D "2015"

Pixels "2015"

Enchanted Kingdom 3D "2014"

Amazing Bugs! 3D "2014"

Jurassic World 3D (Jurassic Park 4) "2015"

Popeye 3D "2015"

Pinocchio "2014"

Overlord: Normandy 1944 "2014"

D-Day Normandy 3D 1944 "2014"

Winx Club 3D: Into the Praxus "2014"

Iceman part 2 3D (Chinese Film) "2014"

Every Thing Will be Fine 3D "2014"

Slasher 3D "2014"

Thunder Run 3D "2014"

Tarzan 3D "2014"

Twist 3D "2014"

The Legend of William Tell "2014"

Amityville: The Legacy 3D "2014"

Halloween 3D "2014"

Me & My Shadow "2014"

Truckers 3D "2014"

Star Wars Episode 2 3D "2014"

Star Wars Episode 3 3D "2014"

The rest of these 3D movies are probably a different year:

Scar 3D
Battle Angel 3D
Interworld 3D
Punk Farm
Crank 3D
Love Like Blood
Ghost on the Shell
1.8 Days
The Legend of Spyro
The Dive
Horror Tour
Call of the Wild
Journey 3D: Mysterious Travels
Cane Toads 3D
Humpty Dumpty
Bait 3D
The Mortician 3D
Monster Mutt
Arabian Knights
Shady Talez
Samurai Jack
Hidden 3D
A Nightmare on Elm Street 3D
The Dog Squad 3D
Universal Soldier 4
The Woman in Black
Green Lantern 2 3D
Shadowland 3D
The Brothers Grimm: Snow White 3D
Logan's Run
The Flash "2016"
Black Friday 3D
Cereal Heroes
Evil Dead: The Musical
The Hole

Seventh SonFebruary 6, 2015United States United Kingdom 2.39:1Also in IMAX 3D.

Mad Max 4: Fury Road 3D "May 15, 2015"

The Good Dinosaur 3D "May 2015"

 Tomorrowland "2015"

Independence Day 3D (ID4) "July 2015"

Minions in 3D "2015"

San Andreas 3D "2015"

Jupiter Ascending 3D "2015"

Peanuts "November 6, 2015"

Rumor 3D Movies of 2014:

Baywatch 3D "2014"
Lord of the Rings 1 3D (re-release) "2014"
Lord of the Rings 2 3D (re-release) "2014"
Lord of the Rings 3 3D (re-release) "2014"
The Gate 3D "2014"
King Kong (Peter Jackson's) 3D (re-release) "2014"
Stewardesses 3-D "2014"
Calling All Robots "2014"
Speed Racer 2 "2014"
Fantastic Voyage 3D "2014"
Dead Still "2014"
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea "2014"
Re-animator "2014"
Puppetmaster "2014"
Hairspray 2 "2014"
(James Bond) 007 3D "2014"
Twister 2 "2014"
The Last Train from Hiroshima "2014"
Dune "2014"
Missile Command "2014"
The Birds "2014"
The Battle of Midway "2014"
Cobra the Space Pirate "2014"



Feel free to help with any info you know of.

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Seventh Son trailer might need to be replace.

Optional 4K HD streaming Trailer:

Canceled, but here's a Storyboard motion video:

Extended Trailer:

Optional 4K HD streaming Trailer:

Optional 4K HD streaming Trailer:

Optional 4K HD streaming Trailer:

More Trailers:

Storyboard Motion Video Trailer:

Teaser Trailers:

International Trailers:

(Holiday Trailers):

Christmas Trailer:

(Secondary Trailers):

Extended Trailer:

Extended Trailer:

Images & possible music tributes to certain epic 3D movies & embedded video trailers coming.

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Link important films trailer, like Lego Movie (Which looks amazing!)


Not a big fan of the 3D effect in movies, I find it distracting more often than not.
Don't like wearing the glasses either.

Acevil said:
Link important films trailer, like Lego Movie (Which looks amazing!)

Yeah the Lego movies really does look amazing. I think it will be a huge success.

The lego movie will be the first time I'll be back in the cinema since Goldmember. It's time to introduce our 4 year old to sticky floors and the overbearing smell of buttered popcorn. I wonder if he'll like the 3D effect.

I only care about two movies next year: Godzilla, which I have been waiting for since the last one in 2004, and the Hobbit part three.