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Forums - Movies & TV - Sin City a dame to kill for & TMNT & Guardians of the Galaxy - your thoughts and reviews and etc. "Official 3D Movies of 2K14" (Trailers in the 4th & 5th OP & List in 1st OP)


What is your favorite Comic-Book Movie of 2014?

I, Frankenstein 3D 111 29.06%
300: Rise of an Empire 3D 7 1.83%
Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier 3D 35 9.16%
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 3D 30 7.85%
X-Men: Days of Future Past 3D 62 16.23%
Guardians of the Galaxy 3D 48 12.57%
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D 5 1.31%
Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill for 3D 9 2.36%
Big Hero 6 3D 2 0.52%
see results. 46 12.04%

I have updated the 1st OP & the 4th & 5th OPs.

I have added The Jupiter Ascending & ID4 & Edge of Tomorrow Trailers, and added Maleficent Teaser Trailer & replace Godzilla trailer and added a couple of trailers to the 5th OP including the replaced Godzilla teaser trailer.

And check out the added rumor 3D Movies on the bottom of the 1st OP.

DanneSandin way of embedding works great except on iOS devices, so I just kept the same current embedding format. I guess there is no universal embed format on VGChartz, LOL.

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A whole lotta movies I'll never see.

Awesome! I thought Hobbit was going to be in the summer, but I guess they moved it.

Godzilla, Xmen yea! Maybe How to train your Dragon 2. Many movies hopefully worth seeing.


Really not sure I see any point of Consol over PC's since Kinect, Wii and other alternative ways to play have been abandoned. 

Top 50 'most fun' game list coming soon!


Tell me a funny joke!

Zappykins said:
Awesome! I thought Hobbit was going to be in the summer, but I guess they moved it.

Godzilla, Xmen yea! Maybe How to train your Dragon 2. Many movies hopefully worth seeing.

Yeah, it was originally listed as June or July, but I guess they fell in love with the 2 weeks into December release date, or maybe there are too many heavy hitters in Summer 2K14, or maybe something happen with the filming of the 3rd/Final installment.

You should consider "I, Frankenstein" as your first 3D movie of 2014, since it's a Comic Book Movie.

Turkish said:
Star Wars Episode 2 "2014"

Star Wars Episode 3 "2014"

Star Wars Episode 4 "2014"

Star Wars Episode 5 "2014"

Star Wars Episode 6 "2014"


LOL, but they are 3D re-releases. I have added 3D to the end of their titles now.

You didn't know?


Sorry for the late reply, but I didn't have that much free time until recently.

And if you were talking about me bumping my Persona Thread, well I didn't have time to check out any post until recently, and had to reply to one user in particular, but it was after 10 pm Pacific Time I believe, so I'm surprise anyone actually posted on that Thread I thought I was done with on it's own.

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I updated the 4th OP with Trailers for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 (best spiderman movie ever) & Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.



I have also added "3D" & "2014" on the end of a lot of titles and release datesin the 1st OP, in hopes of getting this Thread bump up closer to page 1 on a google search. I didn't want to, but it seemed necessary.

I have added a Trailer for "How to Train your Dragon 2" in the 4th OP.


I hope this movie is in 3D, at least for the late US release anyways. It's called "Journey to the West" (Steven Chow newest movie).

Now if only we could get "Kung Fu Hustle 2", I pretty sure it was confirm many years ago.

Testing a QuickTime version of embedding.

I've updated the OP and added these to the list of 2014 3D Movies:

Book of Life 3D Oct. 17, 2014 Every Thing Will be Fine 3D Iceman 3D (Chinese Film) April 3, 2014 The Monkey King 3D "Jan. 31, 2014" Most Welcome 2 Oct. 2, 2014 Postman Pat: You Know You're the One May 23, 2014 Saint Seiya: Legend of Santuary 3D Summer 2014

So that's 7 more 3D Movies to look forward to in 2K14.

I have updated the OPs (1st & 4th & 5th OPs) with a newer way better format of embedded video. You should ow be able to at least view them on both iOS & Andriod devices, but I hope it also works well for PC & MAC.....let me know.

About Robocop 3D, it seems MGM has been paying the bill for using 3D Cameras since back in 2011 when they decided to have it in 3D. Robocop (2014) will premiere in IMAX on February 2014, but I don't know if it's 3D IMAX or 2D IMAX or both. There will later on be a regular premiere of Robocop (reboot) which will be in 2D & 3D & 3D IMAX, if this is a 3D Movie that is. That's all the info I have on the new Robocop movie, but I can't guarantee it's true.

But I guess I can guarantee a IMAX Premiere of Robocop on February 2014.

I updated the 4th & 5th OP by adding Trailers for The Monkey King 3D & Iceman. 3D (both Cinese Films) in the 4th OP and properly placed Stretch Armstrong (cancelled) story board motion video in the correct place in the 4th OP, and I added Iceman 3D (Chinese movie) Teaser Trailer to the Teaser Trailers section of the 5th OP.

Check 'em out, and enjoy the awesomeness.

And I'm not going to cover all foreign 3D Movies, but I figured it was fair to cover some of them, like a select few of them. I would drive myself crazy if I were to try to cover all of them, since I need time to myself outside the Internet, LOL.