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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy XII was released before it would have been accepted by the FF fanbase.

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It was open world, had seamless battles, had a mature story, and also had fantastic voice acting. If it was first released this gen, it wold have saved JRPGs. It probably would have even sold over 10 million copies worldwide and surpassed FFVII sales. It's so unfortunate.

It's still my fave FF, though. I have hope for a FFXII HD Remaster for the PS4 and PS Vita. Hopefully, the game will then get the praise it deserves.

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Ya.....reminds me of GOW2. Could have been put to much better use as a next gen game.

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The best FF for me together FFVI.

I just put it on second place because the older have the preference.

It was also incredibly slow paced, grindy and boring.

Ops, we dont care about that.

Its not the worse i've played though.

boring battlesystem
mediocre story
and horrible voice acting from some of the main chars, especially Vann

so for me it's just below FFXIII/-2 as the worst FF games ever

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Better than FFXIII thats for sure. It actually has towns, and its not linear. And when the main char gets K.O, you don't get a game over.

FF12 definitely had the potential for excellence, but I was blown by being rushed and Matsuno losing control of the project.

I wouldn't say it is as bad as games like FF9 and FF13 though, those games had similar problems, except worse.

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I played FF and FF2 (US) back when they first came out and then didn't play another FF game until FF9 and FFX, which turned out to be my favorite game of all time. So when FF12 came out, I was pretty excited to see what Square had up their sleeve. I played the game for about 3 hours before putting it in my closet and never playing it again lol. I don't know if it's just me, of if the game was really that boring, but I just lost complete interest in the story and I hated the battle system. The music took a massive hit as well which was one of my favorite things about FF up to that point. FF 9 and 10 had breath taking scores while 12 was, meh.

I'm still waiting for them to release a FF that is up to FF9 and 10's standards, but I don't think it's ever going to happen. Xenoblade was pretty much that game IMO.

I actually did like XII but after the awesomeness that was X it felt like a step in the wrong direction! Compared to the abomination that was XIII the game is pure gold!!! I would love to see a HD remaster of the game, would buy it day one!!

I really liked the game, but I don't think the gen it released in would have changed peoples minds on the weak story even if the open world elements would have been received better.

But yeah, it was still better than XIII (for me)