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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How many of you think the 8th generation is going to be like the 6th generation?

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Do you?

Yes 24 34.29%
No 24 34.29%
Maybe 18 25.71%
See results 2 2.86%

Like the poll says do you believe the 8th generation ( PS4, Xbox One, Wii U) will end up like the 6th generation (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube)? This is in terms of sales. 

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I hardly think so. The Xbox One is getting a lot of bashing, but it's coming from a 77 million install base. The Xbox appeared with a 0 install base.
It might take some time for Microsoft to catch up, but in the end, I think we're about to see a pretty balanced generation.

Although the Wii U does have the potential of becoming the next GameCube, I'm calling it a big question mark right now. You never know.

Of course not. No generation in the future will, and the PS4 certainly seems like no PS2 to me.


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Doubt it. Microsoft will lose a few customers, perhaps, but that's it. The average person has no idea all of this is going on. They'll say, "oh, new Xbox? Sweet," and buy it. They might get a surprise later, or they might just trade in games at GameStop like always, without ever knowing anything is different.

I still think it's going to be close. The Wii U might even end up close, thanks to that one year head start.

I think it will end up being comparable, but much less lopsided. Gen 6 sales were something like 1 GameCube and 1 Xbox per 5 PS2's. I personally expect the PS4 to win by a decent margin, but not ever break, say, 55% marketshare.

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PS2 - 153.6 million

XBox - 24 million

GameCube - 21.74 million

Yup, sounds about right.


Just kidding, I don't think the X1 and the WiiU will do quite that poorly.  It will be tough for the PS4 to repeat the PS2 numbers.  I think the rank order will be the same, but not as drastic.

No way, not even close.

Lol no way.

Waaay too early to tell

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I think it will be similar bit all with slightly higher sales tho with the exception of Sony.

I expect both X1 and WiiU to be in the mid 30s or 40millions, Ps4 probably 50-60million.


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