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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What was your 1st game you have beaten without a strategy guide/Gameshark/Cheats?

Way back in the day my brother and I beat TMNT: Turtles in Time. I was 5 years old so at the time that was pretty amazing feeling. 

others was

Goldeneye (n64)

Super Mario World

Mario 64

Secret of Mana (snes)

Half life 2

Gears of war 1-2 (all you do is go striaght lol)

and recently Super Mario 3d Land.



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Super Mario Bros. in 1986.

My 1st game ever without looking up anything ever?

Prolly Super Mario Land. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

Crash 3. 100% completion in 1999 (got it Christmas 98 along with my PS1)
Spyro 1 I beat first but not 100%, in fact I didn't go back and finish it until I got it on PS1 classics this past Summer so it only took me 14 years lol

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Dragon Warrior for the NES.

But the one im most proud of is Phantasy Star 2 for genesis. The game was so hard that it came standard with 110 page hintbook. I bought my copy used without the book. Took 6 months to beat.

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Pokemon Green. First game I ever beat too.

The first game I ever owned, Pokemon Yellow. I still remember my first Lv. 100s, Zapdos and Pikachu. I hate myself for selling that game to help buy my 3DS. So many good memories.

Marble Madness then Super Mario Brothers. I remember throwing Mario aside because Marble Madness looked so awesome.

my first game was the lion king on genesis back then I was 5 years old. that was not the only one. I bought my first magazins with the n64 so on all games before I hadn't any guides.

Starfox on the SNES. Good times...

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