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Forums - General Discussion - Is it rude to call a person fat?

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Is it rude to call someone fat?

Yes, it's rude. 26 53.06%
No, it's true. 13 26.53%
Shut the fuck up, OP fat ass! 10 20.41%

Even if they are, you know, fat?

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It shouldn't be. It would be like people not being allowed to call me bipolar.

It's really rude to call a chick that..... mainly bc women have historically had value based on how they look.

So, calling some girl/woman fat is like calling her a low worthless POS.

Yes, the politically correct term is American.

Depends on the person. If I know him or her for a long time and I become a good friend then I say it with no problem. If I don't know the person then it's rude.

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Of course it's rude. Being true doesn't imply not being rude. And the people who call such people "fat" are often to a large degree responsible for these people being/staying fat.

If he or she asks me, I'm assuming that person can handle the answer. If I'm the bad guy for not lying, I'll just tell whatever PC-crusader that attacks me to go fuck him/her self.

If you go and throw it in people's faces against their will though, that's another story.


badgenome said:
Yes, the politically correct term is American.

You trying to impede upon mah freedums boy?

yes it is

they already know they are fat and might not feel very good about it. some people have a hard time loosing weight

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Panama said:

You trying to impede upon mah freedums boy?

I would never.