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The demos for both Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Dead Space 3 have been released in the last week, and I wanted to see who has played them and what they thought.

Do they match expectations, exceed them or do they provide a disapointment? Are consistent with what you felt about other game sin the series or do something different that is either adds to or detracts from the games?

For me, MGR: Revengeance has a series of flaws. The combat feels really awkward, it is extremely diffcult to block attacks and there doen't appear to be an ability to dodge attacks. Playing it reminded me of Japanese fighting games in the way characters attack and their battle cries, which just felt werid for the type of game it is. Also, I know the game isn't going for realism but some of the animations and mechanics were both bizarre and sloppy. I hate how Raiden just jumps 4 feet in the air, I know he's a cyborg but it makes it awkward tring to scale obstacles (in the sense he moves up, not forward). And it might be minor, but pay attention to Boris when he contacts Raiden on his HUD, his mouth keeps moving when he stops talking.

My experience with Dead Space 3 probably just shows I'm not really cut out for the horror genre. I don't like the weapon selection and it bugs me that I'm constantly running out of ammo (I know, this is part of what makes a horror game). But in comparison to Dead Space 2, the Necromorphs don't really appear as scary. This partly due to the large, open environment making them appear smaller (is this due to the camera position?) and therefore fewer gory details.

Hack-and-Slash and Horror may not be my favourite genres but I played others games in these categories and had a far better time with them. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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I was a little disappointed with the MGR demo, for most of the reasons you highlighted (this is coming from a guy who loves both Metal Gear and hack and slash games). I expected more, and while I don't mind the parry system I don't like how it has been implemented. Then there's the enemies. I danced around some of the rocket enemies and I didn't find them to be very reactive. There were plenty of windows for me to strike them. This would never occur in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 or 2 for instance. I'll keep playing it to see if it grows on me, but at this point I think my February money is going towards Sly instead and I'll get this game when it is cheaper. It is only a demo, so I won't judge the game based on that, and I heard the 'dodge' ability is in the final product.

Dead Space 3. I played it once on coop so I don't think I'm qualified to say anything about the 'horror feel'. After I played the single player portion I'll return and post.


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I just finish DmC which I think is cooler and easier to play then MGR demo but I'm thinking that if I play the full game it would explain the mechanics better.

DmC demo shits all over that MGR demo... Was quite disappointed with the MGR demo.

As for dead space 3, I couldn't play for more it without throwing my controller at the screen. I played the first for 3 hours before I gave up. I played part 2 for 30minutes before I realized again how much I hate it. This one, it took 5 minutes...  I can't stand this brand of faux "horror" action gaming. It's the equivalent of Saw movies and Texas Chansaw massacre.

Where people actually expecting something good from MGR, like a true AAA MGS game? I mean, this comes from the same team, who made that overrated garbage that was Bayoneta

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Dead Space 3 is average. MGR is a bit above average. Everything is meh outside the gameplay but even then it has it flaws, the rocketspammers need to fucking die. How can you dodge these mofos?

MGR: Revengeance is just awful, I urge everyone who's planning on buying that game to try the demo first. I haven't tried the demo for Dead Space 3, don't intend to either.

dead space demo was good but im hoping the full game isnt littered with nonstop mini corridors and enemies that take too much ammo to kill even wen u go for dismemberment.

not tried the mgsr demo i dont think id like a game like that anyhows

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the MGSR was pretty average(still getting it though) they need to make blocking(or parrying as the call it) easier; it was a pain in the ass when fighting that robotic saw dog

dl'ed the dead space demo but haven't played it(getting it also)

arcane_chaos said:
the MGSR was pretty average(still getting it though) they need to make blocking(or parrying as the call it) easier; it was a pain in the ass when fighting that robotic saw dog

dl'ed the dead space demo but haven't played it(getting it also)

That was another problem I had with the demo. I couldn't beat that that thing without losing a large amount of health, and then there was no way to regain health and the game doesn't have any health regeneration. So I then had to die in the next fight so I could get a full health bar to ahve any chance of progressing further.

I can understand why in some games health regeneration doesn't fit in, but you have to have some way to replenish it.