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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How much will GTAV sell?

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How much? (lifetime, all platforms)

15m 5 10.42%
20m 11 22.92%
25m 15 31.25%
30m 6 12.50%
35m!! 1 2.08%
40m+!!!! 2 4.17%
Over 9000!!!1!1 8 16.67%

Fun facts:

  • GTAIV has sold just over 20m on all platforms.
  • PS360s combined install base is now over 4 times as large as it was when GTAIV was released.
  • GTAV may be on one more major platform, the Wii U.
I say 32m lifetime, on all platforms.

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25-27M (PS3, X360 & PC) lifetime.

I'll say 9 million combined week 1 on PS3 & 360, no idea about lifetime though.

Around 25m.

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Assuming its good, ~24 million on the HD twins.

Its more fun to do this with a CoD. Because that series has amazing sales in a relatively short amount of time. GTA games though usually have great legs.

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Around 22million

Around 25ish if it releases on wii u as well.

More than 4, think how there are more consoles now than there was back in '08


18 million w/o Wii U, 21 with

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It will do more than Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3 & 360.