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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Looking for people to boost Halo: Reach cheevos!

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I've already got 3 friends signed up, and i've got 2 remotes, so i need 3-4 vgchartzerz!

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I'm missing a few map pack ones. I'm in if you don't swear at me more than 5 times.

and I can have 2 standbys 

Wait what are you doing?

I'd be down even though I'm pretty late to this conversation. I have all the map packs as well.

Won't 343 industries give you a ban from Halo if they catch you? I tried doing something like that with the Halo 3 achievements but due to a mistake on my end I was the only one who didn't get any achievements out of that...and everyone else in that lobby got banned.

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I will help you mandible but i dont have a xbox or halo

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I have not idea. I do not understand most of the stuff that you just said. Also I do not own a xbox anymore.

spurgeonryan said:
I will help you mandible but i dont have a xbox or halo

Spurgeonryan you have got to be one of the most close minded gamers that I have ever met! Get out of here!