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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - What is your Halo: Reach rank, K/D ratio and waypoint career milestone?

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Recruit: 0cR

Private: 7,500cR

Corporal: 10,000cR

Corporal Grade 1: 15,000cR

Sergeant: 20,000cR

Sergeant Grade 1: 26,250cR

Sergeant Grade 2: 32,500cR

Warrant Officer: 45,000cR
Warrant Officer Grade 1: 78,000cR

Warrant Officer Grade 2: 111,000cR

Warrant Officer Grade 3: 144,000cR

Captain: 210,000cR

Captain Grade 1: 233,000cR

Captain Grade 2: 256,000cR

Captain Grade 3: 279,000cR

Major: 325,000cR

Major Grade 1: 350,000cR

Major Grade 2: 375,000cR

Major Grade 3: 400,000cR

Lt Colonel: 450,000cR

Lt Colonel Grade 1: 480,000cR

Lt Colonel Grade 2: 510,000cR

Lt Colonel Grade 3: 540,000cR

Commander: 600,000cR

Commander Grade 1: 650,000cR

Commander Grade 2: 700,000cR

Commander Grade 3: 750,000cR

Colonel: 850,000cR

Colonel Grade 1: 960,000cR

Colonel Grade 2: 1,070,000cR

Colonel Grade 3: 1,180,000cR

Brigadier: 1,400,000cR

Brigadier Grade 1: 1,520,000cR

Brigadier Grade 2: 1,640,000cR

Brigadier Grade 3: 1,760,000cR

General: 2,000,000cR

General Grade 1: 2,200,000cR

General Grade 2: 2,350,000cR

General Grade 3: 2,500,000cR

General Grade 4: 2,650,000cR

Field Marshall: 3,000,000cR

Hero: 3,700,000cR

Legend: 4,600,000cR

Mythic: 5,650,000cR

Noble: 7,000,000cR

Eclipse: 8,500,000cR

Nova: 11,000,000cR

ForeRunner: 13,000,000cR

Reclaimer: 16,500,000cR

Inheritor: 20,000,000cR 

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Im a:

Field Marshall: 3,000,000cR

General grade 4,


I think I'm a Brigadier Grade 2

EDIT: Oh KD is just shy of a 2.0 I think.

Ive added K/D ratio to the title.

My K/D ratio is 1.48

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I am Currently a General Grade 2, with a 1.29 KD ratio. Just to add a little more my Haloway Point career milestone is 61.

Eww, Commander grade 2 with a lowly 1.47 K/D. Lol, my kid is about 30k cr shy of being Eclipse with 1.74 K/D. He hasn't been playing seriously in a couple of months either....too much BO Zombies.

I swear I don't know what it is but I have so much fun when I play Reach and I don't play it nearly enough. Anyone see the game types in Action Sack lately? Hockey anyone? Or are they calling it Soccer, I can't seem to remember.

I LOVE paying for Xbox Live! I also love that my love for it pisses off so many people.

Lt Colonel Grade 2 1.85 k/d (I know - I suck)

 WII Code: 1732 3363 1704 6441

Warrent Officer Grade 2 with a 3.08 K/D

Forerunner with a 0.98 K/D

I dont care if I get killed, I just enjoy it...