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Forums - Gaming Discussion - BATTLE FIELD 3 ON CONSOLE = PC on lowest settings POSSIBLE

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According to this:

The German PC Gaming Site is reporting that the console version of Battlefield 3 will represent the most low settings on PC.

Offical Picture:


and here;s a picutre that's been flying around on the forums coming from DICE themselves

let's see what'll end up looking better CRYSIS on PS3/360 or BATTLEFIELD 3(in which the PS3 beta looks like a last gen COD 4) or a pc port of BATTLE FIELD 3 on the PS3/360


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Wow can't they just expand a bit on consoles and just use multiple discs on 360 and use the full amount on ps3's blueray?


DICE/EA aren't doing themselves any favors with this. If anything it discourages people from buying the console version. I mean who would get the console version when it has "lots of stuff disabled"?

blkfish92 said:
Wow can't they just expand a bit on consoles and just use multiple discs on 360 and use the full amount on ps3's blueray?

Using more disc space doesn't make the consoles themselves more powerful.

I am just glad you were joking.

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with all the the hype for this game. i really hope it delivers.

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Realistically, what did you expect?

The PS3 and XBox 360 are 5/6 year old systems with performance that is surpassed by even the lowest end of modern PC components. Anyone who considers themself a PC gamer probably already has a system that is at least as powerful as the HD consoles, so developers (obviously) would treat the HD consoles like the minimum requirements.

i'm more surprised that you are shocked about this, really consoles are old, and Battlefield is going to come out this year, of course the minimum PC graphics are going to look better.
this years tech > 5 year old tech.

The cold hard truth is that the tech in the 360 and PS3 is seriously ageing by now.
Now, that doesn't mean they can't still produce great games; hell, the Wii can still do that and it's even more outdated, but consoles haven't been cutting edge since '06, and PC tech has come a long way in the 5 years since.

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Hmmmmmm, 6/5 year old console > PC gaming rig built in the past 4 years.

Why is Dice catering to the PC crowd when PCs are super underpowered compared to consoles...         Oh wait.

Next Tuesday all this bullshit can finally come to an end.

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Oh well i don't care for graphics all that much so im getting MW3. BF3 i will get maybe in a month or two after MW3 probably january