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Forums - Gaming Discussion - When playing moral choice games which do you choose, GOOD or EVIL???

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When playing moral choice games which do you choose, GOOD or EVIL?

GOOD 58 84.06%
EVIL 11 15.94%

So I stumbled upon this article and I found it strange that someone would say something like that :/

The most recent game  that had moral choices I remember playing was inFamous. I actually tried benig evil in the beginning (curious since I had already seen good cole at my friend's house), even got a couple of evil trophies, but doing some of the things and seeing some of the reactions was just too uncomfortable for me so I restarted the game as "good".

I disagree with the DICE executive, I don't think it's "cool" to choose the evil route. If I had a gun in my hand and a child in front of me my first instinct wouldn't be to shoot the child. What's wrong with this guy?

So which do you usually choose when playing a game with a moral choice system? Do you agree with the DICE exec that if you put the player in front of a choice where they can do good things or bad things, they will do bad things?

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I always play the good guy. Always. But sometimes there's a gray area. Like in Mass Effect when your presented with a choice that risks the lives of a few to save the lives of many. In those cases I decided based on my attachment to those at risk. But for the most part I never play evil and I don't even play games like GTA where your forced to be a bad guy.

I always play the good guy. however, in some games like oblivion you need to be a bad guy to play some side missions, so I decide to play as a bad guy then become a good one.

but overall the good guy is what I prefer.

Even if i start game convinced that this time I'll be evil sith lord i always end up being awfully good jedi or something which in old AD&D terms classifies as chaotic good.


I always play as the good guy as well. I think it's great we have the choice, because it really brings up the contrast (at least in something like inFamous), but I hate playing as a deliberate bad guy.

Some times I'll just run with it if it's a game about destruction and mayhem, where the "innocents" don't really seem like anything other then mindless NPCs though.

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I usually play the good guy but sometimes it can get boring so I try to be a bad guy, for eg fallout 3 I played as a bad guy on one of my playthroughs.

I generally play good.

I have a problem with morality in a lot of modern games, they generally make it a choice between being a good guy or the type of guy who would stamp on a sack of kittens for a laugh. There isn't much in the way of doing things that are evil in a proper megalomaniac kind of way, they only have options for being evil in a ruthless 'bit of a dick' sort of way.

Basically throwing it into D&D alignment terms - there are plenty of chaotic evil choices but very few lawful evil ones.

Ofcourse evil. I play the hero in pretty much every single game so it feels good to have things mixed up a little bit.


i play the good guy in my first playthrough then switch to the evil guy in my 2nd playthrough of the game

Evil first then good