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Forums - Movies & TV - New Catwoman! I don't know what to think..As of Sept 7th 2011 I know what to think now!!!

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I was expecting a mask with some sort of pointy cat ears. Can't really judge the outfit untill I see the whole thing.

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Anne Hathaway = meh

She doesn't look like Catwoman, but whatever, I trust Nolan to surprise me and blow me away.


Given Hathaway's role in Get Smart, i was confident she might be able to pull this off, and i suppose i shouldn't judge from just one picture, but... no.

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Want to check out boobs and ass before I make a comment.

Need something off Play-Asia?

I really don't like that picture,but we can't be sure if that's really the catwoman outfit.Anyway,I couldn't care less of how catwoman looks,and what she does.She's a lame character and will have a minor role in the movie.It's all about Batman and Bane!

... She looks like your typicall spy in that pic. Don't really see why she would be called 'Catwoman'.

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sapphi_snake said:
... She looks like your typicall spy in that pic. Don't really see why she would be called 'Catwoman'.

Like I said,we can't be sure if that's the real/final costume.If it is,then it's a shame.Batman and Bane's costumes look brilliant,it would be a waste if catwoman's would be such a shit one.