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Forums - Movies & TV - New Catwoman! I don't know what to think..As of Sept 7th 2011 I know what to think now!!!

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That had better not be her final Catwoman outfit. I'm alright with the casting, though. I think Anne is very sexy. I also agree with one poster above that Bane looks off, too.

Anyway, I doubt I'll watch this in theatres (didn't watch the Dark Knight in theatre, either). I just didn't really like Nolan's Batman films. They were decent flicks, but highly overrated IMO.

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it works for me

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Still doesn't beat Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman suit.


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Last time I doubted Nolan's casting choice the actor went on to win an oscar so I won't dismiss this just yet... but on the other hand Joker and two face are really the only villains that worked. Scarecrow and Ra's al Ghul were screwed up IMO.

I'm not a fan of Hatheway but I can live with it, I'm more worried about Bane.

I don't like it

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There goes my hopes of her being a strong woman and not overly sexualized.

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all you haters can go to hell.

What is this? Her costume?

I can only imagine that this was a photo shoot for Maxim or something. Unless its the costume she uses to seduce Batman or something?

Yea, its just from a photo shoot.  She is real sexy in it, too.