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Oh Sony fans how it's been so long since we've had a great gathering, the community seems to be splitting apart, we use to be so close. So with this thread let's see what the Sony fans are capable of, do we still got what it takes to be as epic and great as the Sony fans should be on VG Chartz?

I've had this idea for quite some time but never knew when would be the right time to post it. I shall be your pope, any objections and you will be banished from our religion. Are duties are simple convert as many non-Sony/Playstation fans to are religion. Of course I'll need my followers, I'll be looking for some higher ranking Sony fans.

Rankings will be me (Pope), then followed by Cardinal, Bishop, Priest and alter server


Cardinal must own all Sony gaming platforms (PSOne, PS2, PS3 and PSP, PocketStation not required, and minimum 50 games)

Bishop must own atleast 3 Sony gaming consoles (same as above, any three, and minimum 30 games)

Priest must own atleast 2 of any Sony gaming platform (as said above, minimum 20 games)

Alter server must own any Sony gaming platform (minimum 10 games)

I'll be going by your game collection for proof as to how many Playstation games you own. Also to be on the list it is advised to be stamped to let others know of what you are. Your sig should contain the following "PLAYSTATION...It's a religion", you may dress it up howevere you please (I wish we had color text...).

You can post your rank and I'll compile a list. Remember people our goal is to convert as many people as possible, also by converting people you can move up in the ranks, just let me know by posting in this thread.

So with that said let us rejoice in the power of that which is Sony!

Pope and Ruler of all that is Playstation





Defender of the Faith


Cardinal Bishop Priest Atler Server
 Letherhat  Zgamer5  Psrock  AussieGecko
 Axumblade  dolihiotis  Baggy  Xenostar
 makingmusic476  CGI-Quality  ocean-1984  Kitler53
 Chairman-Mao  Ninpanda  AOvetchkin  ethomaz
 Manuel  TruckOSaurus Sensei   libertinias
 Attoyou  Xbbjf9s   perpride 
 Wonktonodi      Pjams

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...and I am an atheist.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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LOL...this is creative, but you must be really bored.

I guess Im a cardinal, but I don't want to fuck up my impecablly laid out sig. 

ǝןdɯıs ʇı dǝǝʞ oʇ ǝʞıן ı ʍouʞ noʎ 

Ask me about being an elitist jerk

Time for hype

assuming we're not saying 50 games per console...I'm a fucking Cardinal!

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...and i am not a catholic

im nondenominational Christian. i dont take or add things to the Bible, i take it how it is and follow and believe in God

I'm a templar.

Bet with Conegamer and AussieGecko that the PS3 will have more exclusives in 2011 than the Wii or 360... or something.

I have a ps2, a psp, pspgo, ps3, and psone. :P So does that make me a super cardinal?!?! XD

Where's your god now?

You guys scare me sometimes.

And like Ajascent, I guess I'm a Cardinal? 


Ya know, for the guy starting this religion, your PlayStation collection is pretty weak.  And your first party:third party ratio is stupidly low.

I'm starting a reformation!