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    < Ryng posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    R.I.P first account. :)

    < DonFerrari posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    Come back man.

    He is back

    on 13 January 2015

    Still listed as permabanned.

    on 14 January 2015

    This account is permaban forever.
    This is my new account.

    on 16 January 2015

    Now I'm happier.

    on 16 January 2015

    < Turkish posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    Dont tell me you banned yourself to take English courses? Please dont, your broken English is the best lol.

    I'm still in this site, and my englesh is still with me! :P

    on 30 December 2014

    < XanderXT posted something on drake_tolu's wall:


    < Ryng posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    Calm guys, i am back. B)

    For other information, ask to Conegamer. ;)


    on 01 December 2014

    Oh god you made me so scared

    on 08 December 2014

    < fluky-nintendy posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    Hope you come back soon, I wasnt expecting this at all!

    Why? We will miss you. Bye.

    < Ninsect posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    What, why??

    < Proxy-Pie posted something on drake_tolu's wall:


    on 01 December 2014

    < Ninten78 posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    When do you think New 3DS will come to the west? I cant wait!!! I think Direct in January

    I'm go with March 2014! :D

    on 01 December 2014

    < drake_tolu updated his status:

    Now, i have 20K point... B)

    You have slowed down!i will surpass your forum posts number and you posting average sooooooon!hehehe!

    on 21 November 2014

    Dreaming. :D

    on 21 November 2014

    < drake_tolu updated his status:

    Level 7 mathaffaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    < drake_tolu updated his status:

    My new avatar is FUCKING EPIC!!!!!

    No bayo,means no fucking epic:P

    on 21 November 2014

    Both fantastic :P

    on 21 November 2014

    < Carl posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    Discussion changed from the PS4 bundle to one of how people suck for talking about Xbox

    Ok, thanks.

    on 09 November 2014

    < drake_tolu updated his status:


    < Seece posted something on drake_tolu's wall:


    Now that have annunced a price drop, XO have a chance for sell 1M this November NPD... Before this, you prediction was impossible.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand nope, X1 will sell less than 3DS this November, even with price drop.

    on 05 November 2014

    Impossible? lol you don't know what that word means Drake. Do you mean 3DS will sell more in November US?

    on 05 November 2014

    Also welcome back, seen the adjustments yet? With more to come :)

    on 05 November 2014

    November NPD XO will win for sure, even without the price drop, but with Europe and Japan, globally 3DS will sell more.

    on 05 November 2014

    3DS won't be strong in Europe and US, but Japan will defo give it the win because of new 3DS.

    on 05 November 2014

    Nope, 3DS will sell much even in Europe and USA.
    You underestimate the Pokémon power sales...

    on 05 November 2014

    Pokemon has never given 3DS a huge Nov in the past, it always seems week across Europe/US in November.

    on 05 November 2014

    The week of Pokémon X/Y the 3DS sales are rise by 150% in the US and Europe...
    In the worst scenario 3DS will sell 500K the week of 22 November globally.

    on 05 November 2014

    Gap is 1m but further adjustments should out it at 600k like I have predicted all along.

    on 05 November 2014

    Why you link this post?
    I'm not Zero999 that are hater's XO-PS4 and said bullshit for the PS4-XO sales.

    I have predict 1.5 million PS4 the month of September and i was right, i also never said that Wii U will outsell Wii U lifetime.

    Also, i never said that Wii U was correct, and i was said a overtracked by 100-200 K.

    In any case i disagreed, the gap will probabily be 200-300 K for the month, more probabily in 2015.

    on 05 November 2014

    Because you disagree it'll happen :) Just thought you would find it interesting to watch and unravel!!

    How do you think WiiU is gonna sell on par with XB1 now exactly? It's not coming close in US and Europe.

    on 05 November 2014

    Because Wii U on December will sell more thanks Smash Bros and not only.

    That is only my prediction, i don't see the problem.
    XBOX console have massive boost on November, but on December the Nintendo console have more boost.

    on 05 November 2014

    Japan isn't big enough to offset US/EU tho. At best it'd be a tie.

    on 05 November 2014

    I think that in Europe Wii U will sell more than XO... just in Europe, in USA XO will win even December.

    on 05 November 2014

    We'll see!!! :) Remember though the gap is around 600k (not 1m) and XB1 has had a huge week this week.

    on 05 November 2014

    Onestly, i think that this week XO is overtracked.
    Have sold 284K on September with Destiny+Forza+FIFA bundle, so 55K on week, and according to VGChartz this week XO have sold without game +60K (?)
    I don't see why, ok the holiday, but starting on November, and also, with price drop annunced why the sales aren't dropped?

    I predict 200K XO this NPD, and 85K Wii U.

    on 05 November 2014

    You mean the numbers that just went up? Price cut wasn't announced in that period ... and the reason they won't drop too harshly the following week is Sunset Overdrive and White bundle.

    XB1 is undertracked. There is not 1.75m units on shelves.

    Pretty much everyone on the forums agrees with this.

    on 05 November 2014

    I don't know if lifetime is undertracked, but i only said that this week is strange above 60K withouth SO.
    Even Wii U, the update are totally wrong.
    VGC said 550K the first Dec in USA, when have sold 460K, is overtracked by 90K only this month, but VGC after 2 years haven't again correct this number... wtf

    on 05 November 2014

    When ms separate xbox 360 and xbone,then you should coplaint about undertracking...Currently we have a 70k overtracking in UK according to MCV uk!

    on 08 November 2014

    < bubblegamer posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    Hi there

    Hi! :)

    on 26 October 2014

    < Clyde32 posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    Alright then, I'm starting the game tomorrow. If you don't claim your item now, you'll have to claim it during the actual game.

    < Ninten78 posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    Wow...you are fast I just posted my prediction and already you got it in the chart :P

    I know. :P

    on 10 October 2014

    Can I add you on Wii U NNID Brandychou

    on 10 October 2014

    < XanderXT posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

    Who's your avatar?

    The girl of Quantum Break trailer.

    on 05 October 2014

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