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curl-6 said:

I really don't think that COD marketing will help Xbox. As long as it's still available on Playstation people will just play it there.
In the 7th gen Xbox were actually a viable alternative to Sony thanks to killer exclusives, and had built up an identity as the place to be for shooters. That's not the case any more.

I am not sure. Yes, in theory marketing rights shouldn't do much. But in practice - it indeed does something for PS. Mabe it is because COD players are different than other gamers. Maybe a good portion of COD players only plays that game and nothing else or barely anything else. And COD is massive, only a small portion of players affected by it would do something. Say 10% of the 30M COD players are affected. That is 3M. In the first year of a consoles lifes that could be crucial. in 2021 PS5 sold 12M and XS 8M. Three million would nearly annihilate that difference and that could massively help to build early momentum.

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