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#34Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV
guessed byMachina
release year2020
developer/publisherKoei Tecmo
genreturn-based strategy

Romance of the Three Kingdoms was a series I wanted to try for some time, but it is a bit difficult. Not everything is localized or it released on platforms I don't own. But the most recent title XIV was ported to Switch *and* got an english localization, so there was my chance. And I enjoyed my experience.

Romance (I won't repeat this long name every time) is a strategic title. You build up your principality in the stormy times of the Revolution of the Yellow Turbans or Cao Cao's invasions to become the most powerful entity in ancient China. To achieve that you have to hire officers, historical figures that work for you in fulfilling a lot of tasks: from developing the cities and commerce, to lead armies into battle. This game keeps you for the long run.

It is a lot of fun to use strategies like cutting the supply lines of attacking troups, which throws them into disarray or to set fire to a forest with an enemy army in it. Choosing the right person for each task is important, as their abilities are different, and even with the same troop strength, two different leaders can lead to very different outcomes. The game surely has more focus on military option, but still a lot is to do to grow and develop your cities and areas, and it is necessary as this is bolstering your troops.

The game has a lot of content between different historic and fictive scenarios and in each scenario you can choose between the factions you want to lead with different starting positions.

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