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Machina said:

Even more clues:


  • Lots of destruction in this racer, with debris from cars frequently littering the track.
  • It's in large part inspired by Touring Car racing.
  • This game started a new series, but it's basically a successor to the old TOCA games.


  • This very colourful 2D indie platformer was initially a PS4 exclusive and is notoriously difficult in later stages.
  • It received an Ultimate Edition expansion and in total has thousands of levels. Most can be completed in seconds, even the hard ones... if you're really really good at the game.
  • The name of this game consists of one letter and two symbols.


  • This sequel to another colourful platformer is in 3D and first person.
  • It wasn't as well received as the original, despite being open world (something a lot of people claimed they wished was in the first game).
  • The music artist Solar Fields returned to do the soundtrack for this sequel (and it's great^^).

#37 is probably N++

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