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The_Liquid_Laser said:

Here are some more hints from me:

45. a) Overall I prefer the more linear games from this series, but I decided to remove "Bloodlines" from my list to make room for this game.
b) After you've explored almost everything, this game uses a clever trick to effectively double the size of the game.

44.  a) I discovered this digital only tower defense game on the PS3 while I was waiting for some fun physical games to be released.
b) This is part of a series of games, but most games in the series tend to be of a totally different genre than the others.

42. a) I've always loved this PS3 sequel, but previously I didn't put it on my list.  I've considered it to be fairly similar to the first entry in the series which is much higher on my list.  Maybe the fact that the first game is now on Switch made me change my mind.
b) Some fans of the series criticized this second entry for being "too easy".

41.  This is a more kid friendly GBA sequel to a PS1 game with a more serious storyline.

#44 is the PixelJunk series. Tower Defense must be PixelJunk Monsters.

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