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#46 Doom 64
guessed by Kakadu18
platform Switch/Stadia
release year 1997
developer/publisher Midway
genre first person shooter
links Wikipedia

As I wasn't playing on console until Dreamcast and didn't own one myself until Wii and DS, I never saw or played on N64. So I never even heard of Doom 64. Until it got rereleased recently.

I played the original Doom incarnations, but Doom 64 I find personally better for my tastes. Levels had more recognizability than the first two, while gameplay still was working as before. The game is also much more full of secrets. And add to that a somewhat creepy atmosphere. This works well for me.

It is quite surprising the game wasn't made by id software, as it feels like the first two Doom games in many regards. But Midway very much captured the essence of Doom, while being able to inject their own identity.

Last edited by Mnementh - on 16 November 2021

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