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Mnementh said:

Next batch of hints:

#48: Real 3D has six degrees of freedom. Autonomous robots are useful - until they rebel. Guessed by Machina

#47: Turn based battles with knights, mages, thieves, elves or merfolk. The game is in continuous development since 2005 and by now has 17 official campaigns (and lots of usermade ones). Fight as the Heir to the Throne, in a Tale of two Brothers or find The Hammer of Thursagan.

#46: A Nintendo console also getting this iconic game - but it is a complete new game. The name of this game from the 90s includes a part of the name of the console. Shoot monsters from Hell.

#45: After you seemingly died in your sleep, you find that you can return to your own world through a mirror after first finding the sun, moon and the stars.

#46 Doom 64

I didn't think of it at first because the original released on the SNES, so Doom wasn't really new to Nintendo consoles.

Last edited by Kakadu18 - on 14 November 2021