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Dulfite said:

So just to be clear, I update my op in the main thread everytime I play eligible games and my rankings change?

I assume that means none of the data will be compiled until after the last date, so the host of this isn't constantly making massive changes to the aggregate list?

You ready your list of 50 games and send them privately to the mzuzek. You update your post in the official thread each day to reveal one game of your list.

Zippy6 said:

I have a list of 50 games but I know I'll think of games I forgot about and should have included.

Also I tried to not repeat the same series repeatedly. I.E more Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and Ratchet & Clank games would easily make my top 50 but I limited myself to not spamming the same series in my list.

Yeah, if I forgot about a game, I may include it next year. I also try to minimize games from the same franchise, but sometimes two games I feel need to be included as each of them is great.

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