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OTBWY said:
Flilix said:

What are the differences between SPD and the Left?

All I know is that SPD consistently sat on the wrong side of important matters, like German reunification.

The SPD (together with the greens) was actually government, the first time germany was participating in a war after WWII. Also they changed the social systems to put more pressure on jobless people to create a sector of low-income work, a change which ultimately gave the SPD-members a lot of trouble and probably allowed the Left to grow into a substantial party. You could argue that these changes were successful, in germany being economically more successful, but also socially more divided. Maybe you could even argue the social division helped to establish the AfD.

But current SPD has changed quite a bit and tends to be more on the side of social security. They now stand for minimum wages for instance. So maybe a new SPD-green government might act differently this time around.

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