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RolStoppable said:

I'll be rooting for the AfD's Endsieg.

But the preferable result is that Die Linke fails to get to 5% and as a result enables a majority for a simple red-green coalition. That would be the highest possible stability for Germany and by extension the EU.

I doubt the CDU/CSU will be in the next government. SPD and Grüne want them out real bad, so they'll do their utmost to make that happen. Either as red-green, red-green-yellow or red-green-red.

Luckily Austrians are not voting in germany.

The SPD and the Greens have made statements that make it seems it is unlikely they will make a coalition with the Left. In the light of this, I actually think black-red-green or eventually red-green-yellow is most likely. If not the other parties had clearly distanced themself from the AfD, I would think black-blue-yellow is an option, as these have somewhat compatible programs.

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