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The official results are out:

These results are preliminary to give time to correct possible errors or people to dispute results. But usually nothing happens here, so we can expect this to be the final result or at least close to it.

Let's start with the winners of the districts and their party assignment.

party direct won districts
SPD 121
CDU 98
CSU 45
AfD 16
Greens 15
the Left 3

As a reminder:

  • these are only the direct won districts, the final seat shares are determined by the second vote
  • in parliament CDU and CSU form a united fraction, so they end up together with 143 seats directly won in districts
  • the 3 won seats for the Left are important, as they failed to reach 5%, but these three districts secure them their seats based on second vote
  • this could've been also important for CSU, which only had 5,2% and barely cleared that hurdle

Important for the final share of seats in parliament is the second vote. This is how they ended up:

The less strong colored bar shows the result of that party in the last election. Sonstige translates to others and includes all parties failing to clear the 5% barrier. One exception is Südschleswiger Wählerbund (SSW). That party represents a minority group and is excluded from the 5% rule. First time I can remember they got enough votes for one seat. Again, CDU and CSU are combining their seats in parliament.

As some parties won more districts in some provinces then they are assigned per second vote, leveling seats were added to adjust for that. So instead of 598 we have this time 735 seats in the parliament. This is how they are assigned:

The full result in all detail. Sorry that this is a screenshot, but it was too much otherwise:

On the left side is the result of the first vote, on the right the second vote. The first rows before the parties are:

  • eligible to vote
  • voters
  • invalid votes
  • valid votes
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