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Interesting results so far. Three people voted for 2022, but they only bet a sum of $6.45 combined, so they have no trust at all in this option. But let's look at the results more systematically:

First view is the number of people, that chose one option, pretty straightforward:

Easy to see, most people believe in the peak this year.

But can people back up their opinion with the willingness to bet some amount? Let's look at the accumulated bets:

Obviously the ones voting for 2020 do not have trust in their choice. Also the later than 2022 option seems to be a bit lower.

We can gauge how much on average the voters trust their decision, by looking at the average bet amount per option:

So, while fewer people chose the 2022 option, they were more willing to bet big amounts of their hard-earned VG-currency.

The bets are still open, join in with your opinion.

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