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Back in 2019 I created a thread asking what people think will be Switch peak year. Little did I know, that my options were way to conservative. By now we know Switch didn't peak in 2018 and 2019, which were actual options. From the options in the thread only 2020 and later than 2020 are still possible.

But we are in 2021 now. With so far a performance mirroring the previous year and a decent lineup for the second half of the year *and* a new model underway, 2021 might be very well the year the Switch peaks.

Or, maybe we can look at 2020. We already know the big guns BOTW2, Splatoon 3, Pokemon Legends Arceus will release that year, but also smaller titles like Mario+Rabbids 2 or Project Triangle Strategy. And dark horses that still need a release date might fall into 2022, like Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4. So 2022 probably will have a pretty strong lineup.

With all that said, we should make a new revised peak year thread. What do you think will be the year the sales of the Switch will peak? I talk about calendar year here and the Switch hardware unit (not revenue and not games), just to be clear.

Place your bets ladies and gents.

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