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Verter said:
Mnementh said:

Thanks for this thread or series of threads, I didn't even knew this was a thing. I don't tend to buy most indies on release but soome time later often on a sale. From the ones this months, I already had an interest in Lost Words and Dungeon&Puzzle. I never heard about We are the Caretakers, but it looks interesting as well.

This is a thing since only a couple of days ago, actually. =P In fact, I'm still thinking of ways to efficiently improve it for the next months, I rushed the threads a bit and I feel like there's too much info condensed there. Also, I'm glad you found a game here that might interest you; that alone makes this worth the time.

Yeah, if you are open for ideas, I could throw some out. For instance, we probably don't know anything about new games here. While I appreciate this list of upcoming indies, all I ever could say is: looks like it might be interesting. One major difference of indies and AAA is the marketing budget. For AAA games we know months, sometimes years in advance that we should get hyped for them and many will buy them on launch. Indies you often know near to nothing before launch and encounter them often years down the line and only in playing them realize how cool they are.

So I would recommend that everyone can recommend an indie he likes each month. For me that would be Graveyard Keeper, play that. I don't have time at the moment to write a more elaborate text about the game, but then I did that already:

We could also vote each month for the games recommended last month by participants in the thread. Maybe allow only voting if you also recommend a game in the same post and maybe allow something like votes in the most anticipated game thread, meaning vote for five games with 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point each. I guess in the first months we will cover the most well-known like Hollow Knight, Undertale and Stardew Valley, but I guess we will get to lesser known games later on. The thread starting post could list all the winners of past months.

I think especially the recommendations may bring some more discussion into these threads.

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